Friday, January 25, 2019

A Brief Comment on Nancy Pelosi

I do not want to take a thing away from Nancy Pelosi, whose actions have been virtually picture perfect since reassuming the role of Speaker of the House.  I do want, however, to point out one thing about her relationship with Donald Trump.

Throughout his life, Trump's success (such as it is) at being a dealmaker was largely based on the fact that throughout his business career, he always owned the business and had control of all of the money.  He could bully people into doing what he wanted, because they really had no choice.  It took no more skill for him to win an argument than it did for Hitler to beat down his generals.  Well, with Nancy Pelosi, that came to an end.  He had no threats to hold over her, so that, as long as she kept her temper and acted appropriately, she was bound to win.

I hope the Democrats realize this.  I hope that, at long last, after forty years cowering in the shade, they understand what kind of power they do have.  If so, our country is on a track to getting better, bit by bit, despite Republican dirty tricks, vote stealing, bad faith and treachery.  Otherwise, welcome to Trumpistan.


Infidel753 said...

I hope they realize it too -- and for those who don't, I suspect Pelosi will do a good job of explaining it to them.

Let them realize, too, that this outcome is reflects the difference between a supremely skilled and experienced leader and an incompetent and inexperienced one. Trump thinks he's a great chess player because he's only played in games where the other guys are too scared to make a move at all. Pelosi has been at this a long time and beaten men far better than he. So let's have no more talk about nominating some tyro from show-biz or whatever for President in 2020.

Jerry Critter said...

So true!

Flying Junior said...