Monday, October 29, 2018

Wingnut Wrapup

Sorry, people, Wingnut Wrapup seems to be back, at least for a little while.  I just feel that most of us in the rational world are still only vaguely aware of the hatred and lies that make up the steady diet of right wingers.  Not that I feel happy about exposing you to it all, but we need to be aware of the massive amount of stuff like this that is out there.  I know these Wingnut Wrapups tend to be long, but let me assure you that I could make any one of them on any day four times as long and not come even close to including all of the massive amount of this garbage that is out there.  What follows is nothing but a representative sample.

Now, a little coverage of the Republican party writhing in agony as it attempts to blot out the truth that the MAGA bomber and the Pittsburgh terrorist are a product of their own actions.  I just want to note first, that it is only a couple of hours as I write a good part of this since the latest right wing mass shooting, and I have already heard a Republican on TV saying this is not the time to talk about gun laws, because of course they went there.  Needless to say, their whining and phony outrage will be much further developed in future days.  Anyway, back to the subject, starting with how things work out for you when you just can't stop lying: a master class in the subject from the legendary Stupidest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Report: Bodybuilder Cesar Sayoc Admits the “Pipe Bombs” Wouldn’t Hurt Anyone – And He Didn’t Want to Hurt Anyone...Many pundits suspected they were fake bombs meant to scare the public...It looks like those people were right."

Except, of course, that Jim is lying.  Jim's "reports," of course, come from who knows where. The FBI stated that these are absolutely real bombs.  But boy, if right wingers ever need lying, they need it now.

And here's a reader comment:

"He just made the FBI look like idiots."

They caught a serial terrorist bomber in three days.  Boy, that makes them look like idiots.  And a reply to this brilliant remark:

"Not idiots, dishonest and unethical political animals trying to hurt Trump and the GOP."

Trying to hurt the GOP by catching a terrorist.  Well, they said it, not me.

"Next question. Where did the money for the false flag op come from? Who was the paymaster?"

Yup, they are still on to the false flag thing.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Egomaniac BARACK OBAMA Can’t Stop Talking About Himself at Milwaukee Campaign Stop"

Ha.  Talk about projection.  Even if it were true, which it of course is not.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Bomber Won’t Stop Trump Crowd in Charlotte From Chanting “CNN Sucks!”

And Jim and every other Republican is really proud of that.

"CNN does suck — and is hateful to President Trump and his supporters.  The bomber couldn’t change that."

The bomber couldn't change what degenerate scum Republicans are, either.   Except, of course, by providing them a chance to do the nearly impossible: make themselves look more like out and out Nazis.

Joseph  Farah, World Net Daily:  "STOP DEMS' BULLYING WHILE THERE'S TIME...If you don’t approve of someone’s politics, you smash their face or harass their family to coldcock a candidate.   If such a thing were commonplace on both sides of the political divide, it would be – well, “deplorable.  But what we see happening is on virtually just found on one side – Team Democrats"

Guess he forgot about Charlottesville, or Republican "Proud Boys" gangs attacking liberals in the street.  Or the President of the United States encouraging violence at every stop of his Nuremburg rally tour.  Or guns and bombs.

"Republican voters were certainly not happy about eight years of Barack Obama. But they fielded bad candidates and they lost. So, they bided their time until Trump showed up"

Oh yes, they bided their time.  They never called Obama a Communist or a Muslim, or accused him of not being an American citizen.  They never compared him and his wife to apes, or spread a malicious rumor that the first lady was an ex football player who had a sex change operation.  They never called him the antichrist.  They never accused him of being a gay prostitute or of having committed multiple murders to silence his critics.  They never held dozens of Congressional "hearings" to air entirely made up scandals.  They never worked day and night for eight years to destroy everything he tried to do.  And they never unleashed a plague of racism in their followers because Obama committed the sin of being born black.  What a load of crap.

Gavin Wax, American Thinker:  "We Are All Proud Boys Now"

Proud Boys.  Nazi thugs.  Our own domestic Sturmabteilung.  A certified Aryan supremacist hate group.  I mean, I guess we all know that is what Republicans really believe, but I didn't think they were quite ready to announce it out loud yet.

T. S. Weider, American Thinker:  "I brought my kids to a rally held by Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday."

And you haven't been charged with child abuse yet?

Josh Kantrow, American Thinker:  "Within hours of the discovery of the attempted mail bombings, President Trump issued a strong statement that "in these times, we have to unify.  We have to come together, and send one very clear, strong, unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America."

Of course, that was not enough for the Democrats and their media allies, who blame the president, even though we have no idea who the culprit is or his what his political motivations were."

Whoops- last Thursday's news.  Things look a little different now.  To Normal people, anyway.  To Republicans, nothing has changed.

Erwin Haas, American Thinker:  "Michiganders want global warming."

They are all for the extinction of the human race.  As long as they get a tax cut.

T. LaDuke, Red State:  "Did The Media And The Democrats Hateful Rhetoric Make Cesar Altieri Sayoc Snap?"

Yup, they're going there.  They made him send bombs to themselves- a notorious liberal strategy, blowing yourself up for the revolution.

Red State:  "Startling New Evidence In Obama Administration’s Illegal Operation Choke Point Campaign and Cover-Up"

Never heard of "operation choke point," did you?  Well, get ready.  They seem to have finally worn out all the other bogus scandals they invented, so here comes a new one, and it's as big a lie as all the others.  Any bets who will be the first Republican in Congress to hold two or three years of hearings on this?

Andrea Ruth, Red State:  "New Poll: Cruz Maintains Advantage Over Beto with Ten Days To Go"

The people of Texas are really stupid.  No, really, what else are we supposed to think?

Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media:  "Nader: Bernie Sanders 'Hasn’t Returned My Call in 21 Years"

The best thing I have heard about Bernie since the election.

John Hawkins, PJ Media:  "So What if the Saudis Killed Jamal Khashoggi?  If the Saudis kill a Saudi citizen, why is it our problem?"

Just spit it out there, John, let us know how you really feel.  By the way, I'm guessing that you don't think it was our problem when the Germans killed several million German citizens.  To you that was probably just a good start.

And here's a good excuse:

Roger Simon, PJ Media:  "Does It Matter Which Crazy Sent the Bombs?  Despite the vehement protestations of partisans on cable news, Twitter, etc., it shouldn't matter whether a crazy of the right or left sent the growing number of crude pipe bombs to Democratic Party politicians and their supporters in the media and Hollywood."

It would have mattered a hell of a lot if the bomber had been a Democrat, of course.  And now, how about a wingnut comedy break?

Sorry, I don't get the joke.

Alana Roethle, Town Hall:  "Keep Tax Cuts And Deregulation On Track In Kansas"

Because of course that is what Republicans' backers want.  Here's a brief excerpt from a 2017 issue of Forbes magazine, hardly a bastion of left wing thought:

"The Great Kansas Tax Cut Experiment Crashes And Burns...Just as President Trump is ramping up his push for a major tax cut that he believes will pay for itself through faster economic growth, the Kansas template for that approach has crashed and burned. After four years of below-average growth, deepening budget deficits, and steep spending reductions, the GOP-dominated Kansas legislature has repealed many of the tax cuts at the heart of Governor Sam Brownback fiscal agenda."

Meanwhile, Democrats in California have built the fifth largest economy in the world, with a State budget surplus and increased funding for roads, schools and other public needs.  But why would that record stop Republicans from giving even more money to the rich sociopaths that keep them in power?

"It is a lesson unlikely to be missed by congressional Republicans"

Ha ha, who would have ever expected that Alana would be wrong about that?  Republicans, the world champions of missing the message.  Unless, of course, it comes with a lot of hatred.  Or money.

Humberto Fontova, Town Hall:  "'The Biggest Defeat in Our Nation’s History'—The Cuban Missile Crisis"

Never heard about Vietnam, Humberto, huh?  Or Afghanistan?

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer:  "HAPPENING: Pittsburgh Synagogue Shot Up – Eight Dead...Please Jesus Christ let it be Moslems."

Sorry, Andrew, it was a Nazi just like you.  Time to raise that false flag.  Oh wait, too late for my advice; they are already on it:

"This appears to be the ultimate disaster.  It is fake, of course."

Beat me to it, Andrew.  And now for another inevitable response from Andrew:

"Arabs almost always get reported as “white male.” Basically, everyone who isn’t an actual Negro gets reported as that.  This could be an actual normal Islamic terrorist attack that is completely unrelated to fed false flag hoaxes."

Right.  We'll get right on checking out that theory.  Thanks for your contribution to a mature discussion of this tragedy.

And let's just hear from Alex Jones.  I mean, why not?

"INFOWARS PREDICTED IT: LEFTIST VIOLENCE TO ESCALATE AHEAD OF MIDTERMS...As Infowars predicted, leftist violence has escalated to unbelievable levels as a crazed anti-Trump gunman opened fire in a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing at least eight people and wounding several others...Infowars Predicted It: Leftist Violence To Escalate Ahead of Midterms

...Obama Activates His Domestic Army To Carry Out Violent Attacks Ahead Of Election"

It's just like a military attack on the country for Democrats to campaign.  And Alex asks this vital question:


No comment on what the actual President of the United States (sad to say,) and long time business partner of the Saudis, should be coming clean about.

And how about some deflection?

Kristinn Taylor, Gateway Pundit:  "After Synagogue Massacre, Democrats Must Denounce Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan"

Really.  As loathsome as he is, Farrakhan had absolutely nothing to do with this bombing or synagogue slaughter, but it's Democrats that must do the denouncing.  Republicans?  No one for them to denounce; it's not their fault.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Stunning! Obama Claims the Trump Administration is Not Honest"

Jim Hoft's brother in a little friendly rivalry for that title of Stupidest Man on the Internet.  Anyway, back to Jim:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "LIBERAL MEDIA OUTRAGED That Bouncer-‘Bomber’ Story Won’t Sway Trump Voters"

And you know what? We are outraged.  Outraged that so many of our fellow citizens are morally depraved subhumans that have decided that patriotism consists of wallowing in hatred and violence.

And we can always count on Before It's News for the most vital take on things:

Before It's News:  "Alert: Meet the Laughably Fraudulent Patsy Just Arrested for Democrat-Staged Fake Bombs"

Mainly depending on one of the all time favorite criminal line of defense, "If I really did this, would I have been so stupid?"  Yes you would have, Cesar.  You support Trump.

So, let me not leave before getting right down to how they really feel:

Henry Makow:  "This atrocity will also pathologize opponents of the NWO by portraying them as racists and extremists.  Two years ago, I asked, Why do Jews put themselves in the line of fire by refusing to acknowledge, let alone renounce the satanist Masonic Jewish conspiracy?"

Yeah, that's a question that a lot of us are asking.  Why won't Jews admit that the most hateful Nazi delusions about them are true?  Then everyone would leave them alone, right?

And let me just end here, with an urgent plea from Before It's News:

"All Wicked Hearted Unrepentant Temporal Nations That Blatantly Defy The WILL/WORD Of THE MOST HIGH POWER Of Spiritually Melanated Hebrew-Negro Israel Will Be Supernaturally Destroyed By HIS Fiery Hellish Wrath Judgements And Through Many Enemies That HE Allows Evil Spirits To Wickedly Guide In Order To Attack And Destroy Other Enemies As They Are Greatly Decreased In Numbers Leading To Their Ultimate Extinction. BeWAR3, Many Unrepentant Sins And Abominations Have Almost Filled Up The Supernatural Fiery Hellish Cup Of Wrath That Will Surely Be Poured Out Upon These Wicked Hearted Heathens And Time Is Quickly Clocking Down For The USA/Mystery Babylon The Great Which Is Under A Double Portion Fiery Hellish Wrath Curse As Foretold In The Book Of Revelation. We Must Spiritually WAKE UP Hebrews-Negroes And Other Natural Seed Spiritual DNA WORD Bearing Children Of The MOST HIGH POWER Of ISRAEL Because Time Is Definitely Growing Short. Please Let’s All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16, ISHI Is Our Only Way Unto Eternal Life. SELAH

TOP STORIES (It Has Begun And It’s Only Going To Get Worse For This Godforsaken Wicked Eagle Nation Of Esau-Edomites-New Age Romans-The World Bully Brutish British Kingdom. All Wicked Hearted Unrepentant Kingdoms/Nations/Countries Only Exist For A Limited Amount Of Time Before They Are Destroyed Because Of Their Sins And Abominations! SELAH)"

If anyone out there has a clue what this means, please contact Green Eagle and reveal the truth to him.  He's losing sleep over it.

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