Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Another Presidential Standard Crushed

Another simple rule of human decency trampled under the feet of Donald Trump.

Here's an episode in Presidential history that many of you may not remember.

From a 1970 story in the New York Times:

"Nixon Calls Manson Guilty, Later Withdraws Remark...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 3 (1970)— President Nixon asserted today that Charles Manson, a hippie cultist now on trial in California, “was guilty, directly or indirectly, of eight murders without reason.”
But, faced with criticism that he had prejudged the outcome of the Manson trial, Mr. Nixon, issued a statement on his arrival here tonight saying that “the last thing I would do is prejudice the legal ‘rights of any person, in any circumstances.”
This remark caused a furor around the country, and very nearly resulted in a mistrial in the Manson case.  To Nixon's credit, he realized before the day was out that he had made a big mistake, and seemingly sincerely apologized for what he said.

This case set a standard that has been uniformly followed since that time: that given his position, no President ever comments on matters like this.  It has been a universal standard, followed by Democrats and Republicans alike, and would seem to be particularly inviolable in cases involving the President himself.  That is, it has been universal, until today:

Trump's remarks let his audience of subhuman scum to start cheering and chanting "lock her up," about a woman who is guilty of nothing.

Once again, Donald Trump has found a new way to degrade himself, the Presidency and the entire country.  And the Republican base loves it.  They love the hatred, the violence, the willingness to do anything, no matter how abominable, to get his way.  It's the way these nauseating people will act themselves if anyone is stupid enough to give them power.  We never have faced up to just how many loathsome, hateful people there are, particularly among white citizens in this country.  And it may have already sown the seeds of our destruction.


One Fly said...

"We never have faced up to just how many loathsome, hateful people there are, particularly among white citizens in this country. And it may have already sown the seeds of our destruction."

No there are not many discussions about people such as this and their numbers. America loves the drama and soap opera qualities they see every day in their lives. They think shit like this is the real world and identify with a man who is the same and powerful. Easy to put themselves in his shoes. Like the ploy of getting people to think they are going to win the lottery and the what if's should they do so.

I also don't believe there is any coming back for these people and numbers of them is not declining. I believe they will continue to undermine our country in any way possible. Our destruction? Good chance.

At least here in Mexico Trumpers are far and few in between.

Jerry Critter said...

The Trump Presidential Standards are that there are no presidential standards. If Trump does it, it is OK.

Professor Chaos said...

When HRC called them "deplorables," she was being generous.

Green Eagle said...

One Fly, I agree with you. I have said on a number of occasions that the Republican party has found a way to permanently damage these people's sense of decency, and we are stuck with them until the day they die.

Jerry Critter said...

“...we are stuck with them until the day they die.”

Given that they are mostly old people, that day will come sooner rather than later...just like the day when whitey is no longer in the majority!