Monday, October 29, 2018

Trump Treason Again

And on a massive scale.  We've seen this guy repeatedly make decisions that hurt the security of the United States and our allies while favoring the interests of Vladimir Putin, over and over again.  Now, here is a gigantic one which has received almost no coverage in the mainstream press, and what coverage it has received has missed the point entirely.  In fact, even left wing sources seem not to have recognized the real significance of this action.

What I am talking about is Trump's stated intention to abrogate the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, negotiated by Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980's.  This treaty forbade either country from deploying any land based missiles with ranges between 500 and 5500 kilometers.

The United States did in fact destroy about 1,000 nuclear missiles after this treaty was signed (the Soviet Union destroyed about 2,000.)  But other than the financial loss, the treaty meant little to us because our supposed enemies, the Soviet Union and China, were well over 5500 kilometers from our missile bases, which were located in the middle of the United States.

The situation for the Soviets, however, was considerably different, as can be seen from a glance at this map:
In fact, the forbidden range for Russian nuclear missiles includes virtually all of Europe.  And that is the point:

The U. S. abrogation of this treaty will allow Vladimir Putin to deploy nuclear missiles targeting the entire continent of Europe.

Let the NATO nations try to stand up to Russia then.

Sorry to resort to big red letters here (something that I have never done before,) but I think it is important for Americans to realize what an act of treachery, of out and out treason, Trump's backing out of this treaty will be.  For essentially nothing in return, Trump will be enabling Putin to hang a sword over all of Europe, if they dare to try to stand up to him.  This is a massive, horrible payoff to Putin for putting Trump into the White House.  Here is your collusion, Mr. Trump, written in gigantic letters for all to see.  Here is your betrayal of not only your own country, but of all our European allies, in order to benefit Putin. 

In a sane country, this action alone would be the end of Trump's Presidency, and in fact the end of his life outside a Federal prison.  But I guess we don't live in a sane country any more.  Too bad, really.


Jerry said...

This is the kind of idiocy that puts us at REAL danger, not his repulsive, immoral, rantings.

Even if there is a blue voting wave next week (at this point the polls do not show that) Trump isn't going anywhere.

The Republican party is apparently prepared to support Trump no matter what he does.

Lets see if that changes, if Republicans lose majority in the House.

Even if Muller's report is the worst possible for Trump, Republicans will not demand his resignation and Trump won't resign as Nixon did.

Anonymous said...

I read one small article on the Democracy Now website. That's it.

joseph said...

Who else does this profit? Military contractors, of course. Money for the rich, as I keep saying. And all the Republicans can talk about is the caravan, to distract the rubes from the real issues.

Isaac said...

May he henceforth be known as "Benedict Donald."

Anonymous said...

[QUOTE]The U. S. abrogation of this treaty will allow Vladimir Putin to deploy nuclear missiles targeting the entire continent of Europe.[/QUOTE]

Putin can already do that. It's over 6,000 kilometers from Khabarovsk to Moscow, and even farther from Khabarovsk to non-Russian Europe.

Green Eagle said...

Well, this is a technicality that has never been utilized as a rationalization by Russia, as far as we know. But just giving in and legally allowing this is an abomination on the part of Trump that strays well into the area of giving aid to the enemy.

Isaac said...

Giving aid to the enemy? To me it seems more like he's giving the enemy oral sex and a pedicure.