Sunday, September 23, 2018

They're All Degenerates

I want to mention something my wife said several years ago, in response to a previous outbreak of Republican sleaziness.  She suggested that, in response to the fact that a few Republicans showed a conscience in regard to the Nixon impeachment, civil rights legislation and other such things, the leaders of the Republican party decided that nobody would be allowed to advance in Republican politics unless they had some disgusting secret that could be held over their heads, to keep them from making one move outside the party line.  I think she was pretty much joking when she first said that, but over the years, both of us have more and more begun to suspect that something like this is true.  Well, here's another piece of evidence that she might be right.


Magpie said...

The (perhaps) mythical pee video we hear about from time to time is, I theorize, shorthand for what they have on the whole Republican party.
Don't have to have visited Russia, anywhere in the world will do, because anywhere is 'out of town'.

Hand in hand with modern conservativism is a vast sense of entitlement. They'll bitch about welfare for the poor... but they think they themselves deserve every perk under the sun. With the boys and away from the nest.

I mentioned the Fat Leonard scandal a while back because it's illustrative of a certain weakness. Do we really settle for reports without question that it was all just for some singular sleazy commercial operation? I wonder. That information they passed on would have VERY high resale value.
Some of the 'entertainment' served up to these weak characterless cretins may have even been operatives.
I'm just speculating, but I don't see a flaw in that reasoning.

Now Am Found! said...

holy crap. i believe she was prescient, and time has not proven her even slightly wrong