Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Can There Really Be Any American Who Is Not Ashamed of This Man?

Donald Trump today, going to a 9-11 memorial.  What is he cheering with this gesture, and what kind of demented mind causes anyone to have this expression on his face on such an occasion? He looks like a rabid animal.
This is a truly sick individual, and I want to make something perfectly clear:  There has been plenty of talk lately among Republicans and the complicit press about the alleged mental decline of Trump over the last year or so.  This is utter rubbish; he has been exactly the same as long as we have known anything about him.  What is really going on here is an ex post facto rewriting of history, so they can claim, "well, he's crazy now, but that doesn't mean that I was wrong when I supported him in 2016.  It's just a sad story, like all the other right wing monsters who are mentally ill, unlike Muslims who act the exact same way but are hateful criminals.  No conclusions to draw here about our party and the abominable thing we did to the country, so we are free once again to start lying and cheating our way back into power any day now."

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