Wednesday, September 26, 2018

No Depth to their Degradation

Here's a picture that is making it around the right wing world today:

It took me less than five minutes to do a reverse image search and find what is apparently the original picture:
Not to dwell on details too much, but notice that the ground under the picnic table is identical in both pictures; only the part above the table was replaced.

Needless to say, this picture has absolutely zero to do with Christine Blasey Ford, but that is not stopping the disgusting dregs of humanity on the right from circulating it.  I left a comment at one place that had posted the smear photo, and the answer I got was that they didn't care whether it was her or not, she should still be "put in a cage."

There is absolutely no possibility of ever entering into a rational relationship with these people.  They have been infected with a terminal mental disease.  Every one of them is evil, and we will have to live with them until they all die off, by whatever means.


Magpie said...

That picture is commonly used in memes. Seen it before but to check the veracity of my own memory I typed in "passed out drunk meme" into browser... and several memes with that picture came up immediately.

The answer to the comment you left is what I would expect.
"don't care" is pretty much the summation of their relationship with the world. They REALLY don't care. Their hatred is all that is real to them. Right wing ideology and propaganda has stripped away any other concern and impoverished them of all else, morally and intellectually.

One Fly said...

Yes there is no way of reaching them.

I use the word hate however I don't wish to do harm but their hate their hate is something other. They wish to do us harm and that bothers me.