Saturday, September 29, 2018

Democrats Commit the Mortal Sin Again

Will they ever learn?

And what is that mortal sin?  Despite decades now of painful lessons to the contrary, they still insist on pretending that there is one God damned thing the Republicans ever do that is done honorably or out of a sense of right and wrong.

The case in point today?  The one week FBI "investigation" the Republicans announced yesterday.  Democrats (and the mainstream press, of course) fell hook line and sinker for the preposterous notion that there is one Republican on the face of the earth who cares about decency; in this case, Senator Jeff Flake, who "negotiated" this one week halt in the process of putting a lying right wing hack with a rage control problem so great that he can't help display it on national television, on the Supreme Court.

Well, once again, let me explain what is going on here.  The combination of Ms. Blasey Ford's overwhelmingly powerful testimony, and the hateful monkey show put on by Kavanaugh made it immediately obvious even to the second-grader intellect of Donald Trump, that an immediate confirmation of Kavanaugh would likely result in the loss of millions of female votes.  So, they devised this strategy:  They would have a Republican Senator who is not running for reelection, so he couldn't be savaged by their maniac base, call for a delay in the confirmation process, and then propose an FBI investigation so circumscribed in time that it is almost impossible that they can actually nail down conclusive evidence.  So, they rolled the dice.  One of two things could happen.  Either their rigging of this investigation will cause it to fail, in which case they get their miserable, corrupt choice on the Supreme Court, and get the added advantage of being able to campaign on how the unfair Democrats were up to nothing but character assassination, or else something is found, in which case Kavanaugh will withdraw, and Trump will nominate someone every bit as bad.  And above all, they are counting on the pathetic memory of the presumably brain-dead American voters to basically bring them in a week to forget all about what a hideous monster Kavanaugh showed himself to be.

Pretty much a win-win strategy for the Republicans, and the Democrats just ate it up.

This refusal to face reality about what a grotesque aberration the Republican party has become was the main fault of Barack Obama, and of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and virtually every other Democrat too.  Until they accept the fact that the Republicans are not a political party any more, but a cabal dedicated to establishing a literally fascist government in this country, because it benefits a couple thousand of their largest donors, the Democrats will never be able to adequately fight back.  It's time to give up the pretense.  We are fighting a party of would-be dictators, and right now, they are winning.

Update: And here we go. As reported at Daily Kos this evening:

"Donald Trump is placing limits on the FBI investigation that will prevent them looking into, among other things, Brett Kavanaugh’s drinking or the accusations made in an affidavit by Julie Swetnick. The limits set could make it impossible to ascertain even the most basic facts, turning the FBI investigation from cursory … into a complete sham...In fact, most of the facts related to even Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations will be impossible to pursue under the limits set by Trump. Those limits include a fixed list of people the FBI is allowed to talk to. And, unbelievably in a case that hinges on Kavanaugh’s behavior when drunk, the FBI will not be allowed to ask about his drinking."

And they get a twofer:  An investigation crippled so that it finds nothing, and a lie to be used to beat up on Democrats this election season.

And Update 2:  After coming under considerable criticism about his blatant attempts to cripple the FBI investigation, Trump has tweeted that he is not doing any such thing.  Five thousand lies into his Presidency, what halfway sane person would believe that Trump and his staff are not desperately searching for ways to see that the "investigation" is nothing but a whitewash?

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