Sunday, April 8, 2018

Stop Obsessing, You Stupid People!

Here's an article in the Washington Post today, by some guy named Alan Sloan, who the Post describes as follows:

"Allan Sloan is a columnist for The Washington Post. He is a seven-time winner of the Loeb Award, business journalism's highest honor."

The Loeb Award!  A seven time winner!  What sort of profound thinking gets you seven of these things?  Well, here's a sample:

"Stop obsessing about the yo-yo stock market... 

Enough with the stock market, already! 

If you’re trying to make sense of the market, good luck to you. I know that stock market stories are one of the staples of business news — and these days, of general news, as well — and every market effect is supposed to have a rational, understandable cause. 

But you know what, folks? That’s just not how the world actually works."

Any idiot can see that, after years of slow growth under the last Democratic President, the current Republicans only took a year to send it into an almost incomprehensible instability, which could cause a collapse any time.  But you little guys out there, your duty is to ignore all of that and pretend that it's all perfectly normal, like everything else the Republicans are up to today.  Just shut up and get back to work, or no work as the case may be.  Ignore the signs and keep pumping the little money you have into the market; i.e. into the pockets of thieves on Wall Street.  It's all just too complicated for you to understand anyway.  Stop paying attention, and let the rich guys do their thing!

That's what gets you seven "Loeb Awards," and a position writing opinion pieces for the Washington Post.  Okay?  I mean, what did you expect?

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