Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I Love a Parade

So, I remember a story from the later years of the Vietnam war, when the United States was getting its rear end kicked by the Vietnamese:  A fair number of people, with a mixture of sarcasm and seriousness, said that we should just declare victory and come home, counting on the American people, or at least the ones who voted Republican, to gladly accept a fairy tale for reality.

I'm hearing lately what used to be called a "trial balloon" (don't hear that phrase much anymore, in a country whose leader's every remark is some kind of mentally deranged boast likely to disappear within hours) that this is exactly what Trump is planning to do in Syria:  Just declare that ISIS doesn't exist any more, and that all of the years of work by so many countries, united in a coalition put together by Barack Obama, was actually the result of an invisible stroke of military genius on the part of a man who knows more about war than all the generals combined.  And of course, the Republican base, which still believes Hillary was raping kids in a pizza parlor, will buy it without question.

Two great results from this plan.  First of all, it involves the United States abandoning Syria to the Russians, leaving Putin free to do whatever he wants there, and presumably in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon too; i.e. another treasonous payoff to the guy who put Trump in the White House.

And second, then we can have Trump's Grand Victory Parade!!!!! Another promise to improve the lives of ordinary Americans kept!  Oh boy, here it comes!  Next, Paraguay or San Marino or maybe California is going to pay for the wall!

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Magpie said...

Some semi-adults got Trump in a room and got him to hold off for now, but the damage is done, the display of lack of engagement alone is enough to give Russia (and Iran) cause for victory parades.