Saturday, April 7, 2018

Minus 576

Funny old age we live in, huh, when the President of the United States can cause the Dow Jones average to lose close to 600 points in a single day, and the news media hardly bother mentioning it.  Until Trump moved in, this would have been a cataclysm that would have stunned the country, and brought forth screams for impeachment of a Democratic President, without even considering the several times this has happened in recent months, due to Trump's behavior.  But now?  The press is just averting its gaze, and pretending that it will all go away.

Nobody in the mainstream media seems willing to point out that, even in the absence of a total collapse, this kind of volatility is a frightening sign of the kind of instability that could cause even minor events to precipitate massive economic damage.  Just on the basis of pure statistical analysis, this should be seen as a deeply disturbing phenomenon.  Instead, it is simply being ignored, by the same mainstream press and Republican party that spent years screaming about Benghazi and Hillary's e-mails, scandals that every single one of them knew to be totally false.

I repeat Green Eagle's First Maxim:  The Democrats could beat the Republican party into historical oblivion without hardly trying; what they cannot do is beat the Republicans and the press working together.


KanaW said...

The republicans love an unstable stock market. As long as they have their advance information they can make lots more money by playing the ups and downs of the volatile market than they can with a steady but slow rise.

Jerry Critter said...

Trump boasts about how well the stock market has done during his administration. Turns out that if you look at the first 444 days, he is number 7.

Green Eagle said...

And, my friend, I haven't heard him bragging about the stock market the last few weeks. Oh, don't worry, he'll be back- just as soon as he finds a way to blame the bad day on Obama. Just the sort of big lie he should be able to sink his teeth into.