Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ryan Runs in Panic

One of the great Republican liars and tools of the rich is running for cover now that it appears that he is about to earn at least a minute fraction of the consequences of his corrupt behavior.

As the Washington Post reports in a headline today:

"Ryan to depart Congress with a legacy of expanded spending and immense deficits"

Of course, the Washington Post reports this fact as a failure on Ryan's part, when in fact it was his greatest success.  He was in Congress for the same reason that all Republicans are there: to rob the nation blind and give the money to their sociopathic rich backers.  And he succeeded just great at that.

And of course, the mainstream press played along like the lap dogs they are, consistently portraying his transparent lies about the economy and schemes to bankrupt us all as the product of a patriotic and brilliant thinker.

Well, the inevitable happened, I guess: the train stopped a couple of stations short of the sort of total dictatorship which would have enabled Ryan to complete his malignant vision for the country.  And in fury at his failure to precipitate the national apocalypse they have been trained to want, they were about to show him what Republican loyalty really means when the chips are down.  Ryan and his fellows at the top of the Republican trash heap spent decades building a base of violent voters, filled with hatred and greed, and now, deprived of their ultimate armageddon through having been swindled one time too many by their rich masters, they were about to turn on him.  So like the coward he so clearly always was, he's running for cover.  Well, good riddance, for as long as he stays in his hole.  You'd have to be a fool to think that he isn't already preparing for a Nixonian return the second he thinks he can get away with it.


Anonymous said...

If Pence becomes the president he'll need a VP and if he does he might choose Ryan. Today, upon Ryan's departure, Pence had words of praise for him.

Green Eagle said...

I really suspect that if Trump goes, Pence will go too, because that will unleash the greatest steel cage match in human history, as every Republican who thinks he can fight his way in there will grab a knife and struggle to become speaker, in an effort to seize the Presidency. Of course, if the Republicans lose the House in November, as unbelievably enough it looks like they just may, all bets are off, and they will double down on keeping the would-be dictator in the White House and destroying any move the Democrats might make to rebuild a decent country.