Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Biggest Theft

So, the Senate has now passed the Republican "tax reform" bill along a strict party line vote, with every single Republican voting for it (except for John McCain, who was hiding under a rock somewhere, too cowardly to vote one way or the other) and every single Democrat voting against it.  In the House, all but 13 Republicans voted for it, while again, every single Democrat voted against it.

Let me make clear what just about everyone else is apparently too afraid or dazed to say:  This six trillion dollar bill represents the largest theft in the history of the world. 

Any Berniebots or Jill Stein suckers out there still want to spin their yarn about how both parties are the same?


The Hawk said...

"the largest theft in the history of the world"

What about the time Britain stole THE ENTIRE CONTINENT OF AUSTRALIA from the Aborigines?

Or how a bunch of Wasichu (White folks) stole what would become the United States?

If you're looking for the largest theft in the history of the world, it's probably one of the colonial conquests.

Green Eagle said...

The things you describe were not single events, but a great number of actions which you are treating as one thing. I am also speaking of theft in monetary terms, and there is no way to place a meaningful value on, say, Australia in 1700 or so. I might also add that, before the industrial revolution, the notion of what constituted theft in relation to conquest was considerably different than it is now. I understand what you are saying, but I also think your remark was argumentative and deliberately obtuse.