Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I Don't Get It

Well, I was clearly dead wrong about the Alabama election.  I have to say, I don't get it; this was an absolute must win for the Republicans.  Alabama is one of the most Republican States in the country- if Dems can win there, they can win anywhere, and we all know it.  After the recent string of Democratic victories in other State elections, this represents a blast of momentum going into next year's election that the Republicans should find terrifying.  Republicans have always counted on leaving so many liberal voters so discouraged that they just don't vote because they think the system is so rigged against them that it is useless.  Well, they know that isn't true any more, and I think you are going to see people turning out all over the country because of this election that would have just stayed home otherwise.

And the Republicans know this perfectly well.  Of course, the Alabama voting commission hasn't certified the results yet, so who knows what dirty tricks the Republicans can still come up with, but right now, that looks like a long shot. 

I have to admit that I don't know what happened here.  Were they so sure that they had as much chance of losing an election in Alabama as Putin would of losing in Moscow, so they didn't really do a good enough job of preparing the cheating?  We may never know the answer to this question, but Roy Moore's loss here could end up being a gigantic turning point for the corrupt dominance that Republicans have exercised for so long; after all, money can buy a lot, but it still takes votes to win, and when a party reveals what a nauseating sinkhole of criminality it is, maybe even the Koch Brothers' money can't buy a ladder long enough to climb out of the hole.


One Fly said...

If Alabamy can wisen up well maybe there a slight chance of some more of the same ----- if the dims could learn how to play the game.

Dikran Hagopian said...

Think about it.

If you were running the GOP, which option would you go with?

(A) Use the dirty tricks for one special election in Alabama, show everyone what they are, and get stuck with every Democrat running linking your candidate to Roy Moore, or

(B) Sacrifice the Pedophile Klansman, and save the dirty tricks for 2018, when you can use them to steal four or five Senate seats and a couple of state legislatures without the Democrats doing anything about it. By then, virtually everyone will have forgotten about him.

I'd go with (B), since I'd keep the current Senate majority.

Moore is so boneheaded that he takes the parts that are supposed to be quiet and puts them through an amplifier that's been turned up to 11. Remember, "Loose lips sink ships." If he won, good and fine for the Republicans, but he wasn't worth cheating for. There will be many candidates next year who will be worth the fraud.

"Well, I was clearly dead wrong about the Alabama election."

If you eat your words, what type of cake do you want?

Poll P. said...


Deanter said...

Maybe the system isn't as corrupt as you think, and elections are real, and being a cynic and declaring the battle lost before it even starts is exactly what the enemy wants you to do?

Magpie said...

27% of white men and 35% of white women and 93% of black men and 98% of black women voted for Jones. Meaning in Alabama if you're white you have a roughly 1 in 3 chance of not being a religious dupe and/or a total scumbag, and no wonder the dupes and scumbags don't want black people voting.... Not only are black people an essential part of the American experience they may actually save the country. The wonder across the world is rather... how did Moore come so close to winning?