Thursday, December 21, 2017

Roy Moore Sinks Further

The Alabama Attorney General has declared that it is now mathematically impossible for Roy Moore to win the Alabama Senate race, but Moore, who is still refusing to concede, hasn't finished sinking further into the moral cesspool where he has lived for decades.  Today, Moore placed the following on his website:
Moore stooped to an evil attack on the son of the man who beat him.  Needless to say, this act could not help Moore in any way, but it did serve as an outlet for Moore's hateful, vindictive character, and leave us with one more reason why even the lunatic voters in Alabama could not stomach him representing them in the Senate. 

And please remember that my comments are not directed merely at Moore, but at a political party that has degenerated to the point where characters like Moore are considered perfectly acceptable leaders.  The country dodged a bullet when Moore was, hopefully, sent into oblivion, but unfortunately it is just one in a hail of bullets being directed at the American people by the Republican party.

Note:  This abomination has now, apparently, been taken down from Moore's website, but here it is, preserved apparently by The Advocate, and making its way here courtesy of Think Progress.

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