Saturday, November 11, 2017

Treason Still, And They Avert Their Eyes

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."
-H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

Merciful, perhaps, but also very dangerous.  It is of the greatest concern to me that even the most astute observers in our country do not seem to be able to admit to themselves the obvious conclusion about what is happening.

My case in point today comes from Daily Kos, although I want to make it clear that I am picking them not because they are worse than others, but because they are better.  Daily Kos is probably the most consistent internet source of correct information about what is going on in the United States today; yet even they cannot admit to themselves the extent of the deluge that is upon us.

Here are some excerpts from an article at the Daily Kos today:

"Foreign service officer warns of 'serious, immediate, and tangible' threat to U.S. world leadership... Ambassador Barbara Stephenson, the president of the American Foreign Service Association, is sounding the alarm:

"… there is simply no denying the warning signs that point to mounting threats to our institution—and to the global leadership that depends on us.  Why such a focus on slashing staffing at State? Why such a focus on decapitating leadership? How do these actions serve the stated agenda of making the State Department stronger?"

Kos' answer to this question?

"Because Donald Trump doesn’t value diplomacy or knowledge or expertise and he wants to make everything around him weaker in order to feel like he’s stronger."

I am incredulous that, even now, with all that has happened in the last year, that this is all written off as the product of a mental defect of Donald Trump's; incredulous because the real answer is so obvious.

Here is the real quid pro quo, the real treason, the real payoff to Vladimir Putin for putting Trump in office.  Here is the only thing that Putin really wanted from Trump: the destruction of the ability of the United States to lead, or even form a meaningful part of, any international effort to halt Putin's territorial aggrandizement and dictatorial intent.  Here is what all the "contacts" between Trump officials and Russians were about; what they were all for.  Here is the payoff that absolutely completes, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the mutual acts that add up to treason in the White House.

This is totally obvious, and yet even Daily Kos cannot face the truth enough to state it openly.  No one except meaningless voices in the wilderness like mine dares to speak out about what should be clear to the most casual observer.  The reasons for this may be multiple: lifetimes of being bombarded with jingoistic propaganda, fear of retaliation, inability to separate from the watered-down views of one's fellow journalists; but in the end it doesn't make a bit of difference why this is happening.  Until a critical mass of commenters are willing to state openly, and over and over again, that the Trump administration is daily guilty of the most massive crime against this country in its history, that Donald Trump is the most monstrous traitor this country has ever known, we cannot even begin to start moving toward a real solution to the devolution which Trump and his party have brought upon us.


One Fly said...

Agreed with no reservations!

Magpie said...

"Because Donald Trump doesn’t value diplomacy or knowledge or expertise and he wants to make everything around him weaker in order to feel like he’s stronger."

If a snake or crook is in your house you don't give a crap about his state of mind. You know it isn't very complicated anyway.

Not levelling this at Daily Kos so much as writers in general:
I'm so sick of reading psychological essays on this dull ignorant jerk. The man isn't a natural disaster that we need some expert to interpret his farts and general blowhardness.
"Threat" means just that. He will do mortal harm if action isn't taken.

Green Eagle said...

And yet, I think people who live outside the United States, maybe even you, Magpie, who see so much so clearly, cannot feel the immense, incredible pressure that is applied to U.S. citizens every single day to not admit the truth to themselves, the massive,endless propaganda that bombards them every single day of their lives.

Anonymous said...

"the Trump administration is daily guilty of the most massive crime against this country in its history"

What about the Confederacy, White Boy?

"Donald Trump is the most monstrous traitor this country has ever known"

What about Nathan Bedford Forrest?

Dave Dubya said...

You make a case worth examining.

Trump is very much the final act of the Confederacy, dividing and destroying our country.

Trump is now the Racist-in-Chief. He has power Forrest never dreamed of. Forrest would be proud to serve him, like his kindred torch bearing marchers in Charlottesville.

They are the malignant cancer killing our democracy, institutions, and nation. And their leader has the support of his party and the economic elites, who represent a malignancy of their own.

"This country is finished." - George Carlin knew this before the rise of Trump. The fall is more pronounced than ever. Putin won. We won't recover our former status or influence.

Welcome to the Great Fail of the American experiment in democracy. (Thank you, electoral college.)

Green Eagle said...

I take your point, Anonymous, about the Confederacy. I guess I should say Trump has committed the greatest act of treason ever perpetrated by a single person in the history of the country: allowing a hostile foreign dictator to steal the election for him and install him as President, in return for destroying our government's ability to function or defend the country. As for Nathan Bedford Forrest, he was a general and a miserable racist, but he wasn't the President of the United States. Doesn't even compare to Trump.

Now, for calling me "white boy," you can fuck yourself in the ass, buster.

Dave, if you might remember, I attacked the electoral college for failing in their duty, as explained in Federalist Paper no. 68, to prevent Trump from becoming President. One more example of Republicans blabbing away about the intent of the founding fathers but not giving a damn about it when it stands in their way. The rest of your comment, of course, I agree with totally.