Saturday, November 4, 2017

Bribery? Blackmail?

Just a question:  The phony scandal revolving around the DNC making sure that a Democrat got the Democratic Presidential nomination, as opposed to a self-serving parasite, was resolved and revealed to be just one more gigantic Republican lie, over a year ago. 

So, this week, we learned from the first fruits of the Mueller investigation that no credible, even marginally honest person can, at this point, maintain the screaming Republican denials that the Trump campaign and administration has engaged in some very malignant collaboration with the Russian dictator.  Anyway, surprise, surprise, within a couple of days, this long discredited "scandal" re-emerges, front and center, with the mainstream press seemingly far more interested in it than the treason in the White House.

This is largely thanks to the actions of two people; Donna Brazile, and Elizabeth Warren, who are doing everything they can to parrot the Republican lies about Hillary and the DNC.  So, I have one question:  What combination of bribes and blackmail were necessary to get these two miserable excuses for Democrats to betray the country in this manner?

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