Sunday, November 5, 2017

Gutless Worm

"Pelosi On Impeaching Trump: 'Not Someplace That I Think We Should Go'

The son of a bitch is only one step away from Hitler.  What in God's name would he have to do before the terminally brain damaged Nancy Pelosi thinks we need to get rid of him?

Her career has gone on too long.  Time to get rid of her next year.


Jerry Critter said...

What?!? Is she fucking kidding? How much Russian money has she been taking?

Green Eagle said...

How terminally brain damaged is she? She pulled the same stunt with Bush, and now with Trump, who has committed a hundred acts, literally, that justify impeachment. At this point, turning her back on all of this shows as much contempt for our country as Trump shows.

Time for her to go, next year. I am behind any decent attempt to primary her, and I will not be lulled out of it. She has become the craven tool that Democrats are always pictured as being, and right now, we cannot afford it.

Poll P. said...

They keep offering us the same slate of boomer candidates. time to give the party to our adult children, like Canada and France have done.

Konstantin said...

This is Green Eagle's favorite day of the year. Please be nice to him.