Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

Well, I pretty much gave up reading the wingnut blogs after the election.  No sense annoying myself or you repeating their gloating over having sold the country to the Russians.  But, time to pull my head out of the sand and stick it back in the sewer:

Michael Brown, Town Hall:  "Why Many Americans Trust Donald Trump More Than the CIA"

Because they are stupid.

Joe Cunningham, Red State:  "Oh Please. Flyover State Voters Are “Cultural Fascists”?"


Kira Davis, Town Hall:  "No, Sean Hannity is Not a Racist"

Yes he is.  How stupid do you think we are, Kira?

Michael Van Der Galien, PJ Media:  "Geert Wilders to PJ Media: 'They Will Have to Kill Me First if They Want to Silence Me'

Okay by me.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Hillary: Lock her up!"

Some people will never give up.

And let me interrupt things here, to offer you a video of Jim Bakker and some other jackass explaining how Donald Trump is the Messiah:

Now, wasn't that refreshing?  Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Dan Popp, Renew America:  "John Glenn was no hero of mine"

Why would that be?

"...what he did in the Senate was just about what any Democrat infected with Marxism does there"

Well, if I ever find a Democrat "infected with Marxism," I'll get back to you, Dan, and let you know if they are just like John Glenn.  Man, you must have been hard up to find something to write about that was sufficiently disgusting to satisfy the readers of Renew America this week, huh?

Ted Cruz, Renew America:  "If Republicans really want to drain the swamp, here's how to do it"

Mass suicide?  You go first, Ted.

Tom DeWeese, Renew America:  "The mental dismemberment of children"

Scary, huh?  This starts out being a story about Halloween (a little late there, huh, Tom?) but quickly gets to Tom's point:

"But as I watched this wonderful experience, a thought went through my head and anger seeped into my happy feelings. I kept thinking about the following Monday when these children would be forced into the local schoolhouse, away from their loving patents and into the control of a system that was designed to take advantage of their innocence and rob them of their trust. My anger grew as I thought about how these young children, taught by their parents' love to feel secure around others in authority, would be subjected to a dictatorial federal system that has been transformed away from teaching basic academics to one that, instead, focuses on controlling and remolding the children's minds."

Well, at least no one is going to remold Tom's mind- it isn't solid enough to hold a shape.

Thomas Sowell, World Net Daily:  "Will GOP put bipartisanship above Constitution?"

Bipartisanship?  the GOP?  Okay, that was your laugh for the day.  The GOP wouldn't put bipartisanship ahead of recycling used toilet tissue.

S. Fred Singer, American Thinker:  "To Mars by Economy Class: A Perfect Project For Trump"

Only if he goes on the first trip.  One way.

Rachel Stoltzfoos, Daily Caller:  "The Media's 'Russia Wanted Trump To Win' Narrative Ignores One Key Detail"

Yeah, the fact that the mainstream media aren't allowed to tell the truth.  Get with it guys, or else.

Daily Caller:  "The Sexiest Looks From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show"

Well, really, they are wingnuts.  How long do you think their attention span is?

Michael Bastach, Daily Caller:  "Lawmakers Demand Obama Disclose What He Spent On Global Warming Programs"

Should be easy to do, as it's all public information.  Apparently, the lawmakers concerned, all House Republicans, don't know that.

Kaitlan Collins, Daily Caller:  "People Can't Stop Talking About Kanye West's Meeting With Donald Trump"

Two delusional, violent, crazy people in the same place- what's not to like?  A story so important that the Daily Caller was forced by the urgency of the questions raised to feature eight stories about it on their front page, narrowly outdoing several other wingnut sites.

Nathan Lichtman, PJ Media:  "Newt Gingrich Asks if Obama's Administration 'Stood Around Sucking Their Thumb' While the Russians Hacked Into Our Election"

See, the story is false if it casts doubt on Trump's election, but it's true if it gives Republicans a chance to beat up on Obama one more time.  True and false all at once!  A new Republican development in reasoning.

And let's go out with a couple of hits from Before it's News:

Before it's News:  "CIA Executing a Coup! Electors Demand Intelligence Briefing! "

It's a coup for the electors to have information before voting.  It's not a coup to win as a result of Russian propaganda.

Before it's News:  "Sheriff Joe Will Jail Obama for Forgery 12-15-16"

The day he announces that he is going to arrest Obama for forging his Hawaiian birth certificate, on evidence that was discredited within days.  Yup, that is still going on.  Sheriff Joe, let me give you a helpful suggestion:  You ought to spend a little more time trying to keep yourself out of jail, since that is where you seem to be heading.

Before it's News:  "Amazing Christmas Gifts for Pets You Need to See"

Well, at least this site isn't a total waste.  I didn't look to see if you could buy a Trump hat for your cat.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Sowell is partially right Nazipublicans will put Party over the Constitution everytime.

Jerry Critter said...

"I didn't look to see if you could buy a Trump hat for your cat."

Oh, you should have. Your cat could use the hat as container for its kitty litter.

DH said...

"I didn't look to see if you could buy a Trump hat for your cat." - Green Eagle

You can't do that through that site. However, I see some people are selling doggie treats shaped as lumps of coal. There are also DIY gifts for cats. I didn't watch the videos, so there might be something for birds there.

Speaking of birds, I wonder if G.E. would like some gifts.

On the first day of Christmas, Green Eagle got from me
an ornament for his pear tree-e-e-e.

Yes, for just $39.99, you can get a vintage 1993 IRS Christmas ornament celebrating 80 years of income tax.

Kevin Robbins said...

How about a litter box with Trump's face on it? My cat would love that and so would I.

Jerry Critter said...

Also, how about a picture of Trump that you can put on the bottom of your toilet bowl so you can pee and crap on him?

DH said...

Now I have to complete that twelve days song. Stupid compulsion.

Since this is a wingnut wrapup, I can find things that are to good gifts what the rantings of wingnuts are to good analysis, and hope someone gets a laugh out of them.

On the second day of Christmas, Green Eagle got from me
two hockey shirts,
and an ornament for his pear tree-e-e-e.

These jerseys from men's field hockey will remind you of trolls both foreign and domestic. Since these are German field hockey players, they will be acceptable to Herr Adler the Deplorable. On the other hand, the players' names will remind you of Anonymous.

Today's ornament, while not German, comes from the German tradition of hanging pickles from the Christmas tree.

Jerry Critter said...

In honor of our president elect, be sure you are hanging little pickles from your Christmas tree.

Bob Conner said...

Trump's head has already been used for kitty litter. That's why everything he says amount to a pile of shit.

DH said...

[I've had some trouble posting; there might be repeats]
Continuing with our lousy gifts . . .

On the third day of Christmas, Green Eagle got from me
three plushies,
two hockey shirts,
and an ornament for his pear tree-e-e-e.

Are You Kidding? That's the title of the book which comes with Margo the pregnant goat and her two kids-to-be. The book's pictures look like they were drawn by a seven-year old because they actually were drawn by a seven-year-old. Young kids can now use their anatomically correct plush animals to learn how goats give birth!

Today's ornament features a terrible drawing of ex-President James Buchanan. He's a candidate for worst ever, partially due to his permitting thousands of traitors to get their hands on thousands of U.S. Army weapons. Note that the square version features a hole in Buchanan's head.

[Apologies for the goat. The book-and-toy package was so bizarre I just had to include it. No more goats, I promise!]

Zog said...

Where's day 4?