Friday, December 30, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

Just another load of garbage, sad to say.  So, here we go:

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "NYT: These Damned Illegitimate Republicans Have 'Stolen' a SCOTUS Seat, Or Something"

Or something.  Or something.  They stole it, Guy.  No somethings about it.  And you are proud of subverting the Constitution.  Great.  We're all in awe of your wonderful patriotism.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Obama: I Got Rid Of That Registry That Tracks Visitors From Countries With Active Terrorist Groups"

Ooh, scary!  A registry that was closed down five years ago because the Homeland Security people said it didn't accomplish anything.

Tony Corvo, PJ Media:  "Gov. Kasich: 'Ohio on the Verge of a Recession'...Time for Kasich to put right-to-work back on his agenda?"

Yeah, if there is going to be a recession, why not do everything possible to make it worse?

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Berlin Terrorist Urged Muslims to Launch Attacks 'Within Their Means'

Within their means?  Instead of the American way, just put it on the credit card?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "OF COURSE: Obama Makes Last Ditch Effort To EMPTY GITMO Before Leaving Office...This has nothing to do with America’s national security, it’s all about Obama."

No, Jim, it has to do with this:  "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial..."

Apparently, for Republicans, it's okay to keep people in prison for a decade and a half without even charging them with a crime.  Just shows, once again, how much they really care about the Constitution, or even about the barest shreds of common human decency.

Larry Klayman, Renew America:  "Trump could prove greater than Reagan"

Yeah, Reagan only started work on a World War and a depression.  Trump could bring us both!

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Christmas is in the Constitution"

Fuck you, Bryan.  I mean, really.

Deborah Tyler, American Thinker:  "For eight years, the Legacy of Slavery has run the ship of state.  That's finally about to change"

I don't even know what that means, but it sure isn't anything very nice.  Well, Deborah, you've traded the "legacy of slavery" in on the legacy of Nazism.  Bet you are happy about that.

Philip Stuckey, Daily Caller:  "The Atlantic Lists Bush, Reagan Next To Pol Pot, Hitler As Worst Leaders In Human History"

Can't handle the truth, huh, Phil?

Larry Kudlow, Daily Caller:  "The Trump Transition Is Transcendent, But The Economy Needs Attention Now"

And what attention might that be?  Why, of course:

"pro-growth tax reform is so important. It is reported that Mr. Trump will immediately move to overturn costly Obama regulations, especially on small business. This is good. It will add to growth."

Tax cuts for the rich!  Less regulation!   What an original idea!  That will work just great, like it has all the other times it has been tried.  If working great means causing the economy to collapse, that is.

Kevin Dailey, Daily Caller:  "Scalia's Advice For Trump On Conflicts Of Interest"

Well, if it's anything like Scalia's opinions when he was actually alive, the advice will be along the lines of "The Constitution means whatever I want it to."

And some more Trump era history rewriting:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "The Electoral College Made It Possible For Us To Abolish Slavery"

Right.  That four year war had nothing to do with it.  Why, with the electoral college there, the Southern States were right on the point of doing away with slavery any day.

Jay Caruso, Red State:  "What Fool Thought Nicolas Cage Would Be A Good Choice To Play Ronald Reagan?"

Ha ha.  He was the fallback position when they discovered that Bela Lugosi was dead.

Jerome Corsi, Renew America:  "Evidence backs claim that Hillary armed ISIS "

From perhaps the biggest Republican liar of them all.  I don't know how she found the time, what with the stress of running her child rape business from that pizza parlor.

Ann Coulter, World Net Daily:  "57 of my top tweets from 2016 campaign"

God, no.  We're not going there.

World Net Daily:  "THE HEAVENS DECLARE: Biblical flood offers perfect conditions for fossilization...Exclusive: David Rives notes long periods of time not needed for preservation to happen"

Long periods of time not needed, except in the actual real world, of course.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Reform: Team Trump Announces Potential Private Healthcare Option For Veterans"

"Reform."  It now means, when veterans need medical care, rich people have to be paid before that can happen.

R. J. Ryder, The Federalist:  "Why We’ll Never End Abortion Until We Shrink Government"

From the nation's leading Conservative "intellectual" website, a nonsensical pile of garbage, so let me explain to you why we can't end abortion until we "shrink government."  You see, we can't give the stupid, enraged rubes what they want, until the Republicans are done stealing the entire wealth of the nation, to give to the rich.  Otherwise, they might lose the rubes, so they have to keep dangling their carrots in front of their noses, until the rubes walk off the cliff.  Then, when they are lying smashed at the bottom of the canyon, they can have their mean spirited, meaningless victories.

And this interesting take on the election:

Jonathan Ashbach, The Federalist:  "The Electoral College Saves Us From The Mob Rule Of Democracy...Do conservatives need to be ashamed of winning elections by means of the Electoral College that they would not win in a more directly democratic contest? No."

See, if a Democrat wins the popular vote, it's mob rule.  Democracy is mob rule.  Far better to just let our betters pick our President for us; those betters including, of course, Vladimir Putin.

And this Breitbart EXCLUSIVE!!!

"Behind Scenes at Trump Inaugural Committee…Plans for Less Pomp, Shorter Parade…‘It’s about getting to work right away’…"

Couldn't be because nobody wanted to be in Trump's damned parade, would it?  No, Trump just wants to "get to work."  That will be a change.

James Lewis, American Thinker:  "What if Obama dropped Hillary's email bombs?  It makes more sense than the left's Putin Hypothesis"

Of course the evidence shows that the Russians did it, but this idiotic Conservative smear "makes more sense."  To the same people that think unemployment and the budget deficit went up and the stock market went down during Obama's term.

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "Putin declines to retaliate on Obama’s sanctions...In a brilliant piece of propaganda that makes President Obama look small and irrelevant, Vladimir Putin plays chess, while Ben Rhodes and Valerie Jarrett play checkers"

See, stealing our election through subversion is brilliant!  Vladimir Putin is brilliant!  Obama is small and irrelevant!  Criminal behavior is just fine as long as Republicans do it!  It's great to have a tool of a foreign dictator in the White House, as long as he is for tax cuts for the rich!  Fuck democracy.  Fuck right and wrong.  Putin is great!!!

And let me point out that Renew America is still carrying this story:

Stephen Stone, Renew America:  "Will Obama be impeached now that Republicans control both houses of Congress?"

Better hurry up, guys.

Reverend Austin Myles, Renew America:  "Islam is NOT a religion!"

Wingnuts will believe anything.

Aleister, Gateway Pundit:  "NO MORE INFLUENCE TO SELL: Clinton Foundation Reduced To Begging Donors For Cash"

Isn't that what charities do?  Ask people for money?  How do you think they do it, printing their own?

Well, that's enough idiocy for one day.  Bye.


Poll P. said...

Happy New Year, G.E. It's going to be one scary, freakin' ride. Stay above the fray.Get more exercise.

Sam240 said...

Stuckey also misrepresents the Atlantic article, which merely asked people who they considered the worst leader of all time.

The Reagan response came from Bryan Safi: "What’s worse than ignoring a national health crisis while you stuff your face full of jelly beans and your wife reads her horoscope in the next room?"

I thought about this, and decided upon Francisco Solano López, dictator of Paraguay from 1862 until his death in 1870. He started a suicidal war against both Argentina and Brazil, regional superpowers who were bitter enemies before the war united them. He invaded Argentina because of Brazil's manipulation of Uruguayan politics. The resulting six-year war killed over half of Paraguay's population, as the dictator refused to surrender.

Fun fact: The resulting dispute between Argentina and Brazil over annexing Paraguayan territory lasted until 1878, when the countries asked Rutherford B. Hayes to rule on the subject. Hayes' decision led to him becoming a major hero in Paraguay, where he has a professional soccer club named after him.

Infidel753 said...

The Electoral College Saves Us From The Mob Rule Of Democracy...

It's even worse than it sounds. The people whose votes are given greater weight by the Electoral College are mostly rural, white inhabitants of the small-population states in the middle of the country, while those who are partially disenfranchised include most of the country's minorities, living in the high-population blue states. So giving equal weight to minority (and urban generally) voters is what they mean by "mob rule". The designers of South Africa's apartheid would have approved.

Cirze said...

You're a jewel. Even though things look grim, you've left me laughing out loud at your terrific picks. You're always one of the best commentary sites, but with today's you're one of the best year end's. Kudos!

Green Eagle said...

Some responses:

Sam: Of course it is ridiculous to list Bush II as among the worst leaders in world history. When you consider Attilla, or Sargon, or even in modern times, Idi Amin or Nicolai Ceaucescu, it is absurd to consider Bush up there with them. Thank heaven our system of government (at least until now) has prevented American leaders from getting that out of control, because at least Dick Cheney is certainly up there with any of them in evil intent.

Infidel: Absolutely correct. If anyone but ignorant, hate-filled white people gets their way, it's mob rule. Well, I think we are about to get a lesson in what mob rule really is, in the next couple of years.

Cirze, thanks. The day we can't laugh at these right wing bozos any more we really will be done for. I have to admit that, for a month or so after the election, that's where I was, but maybe instinct took over, and I'm back to showing these people, no matter how evil, for the fools they are.

Professor Chaos said...

Someone should let Matt Vespa know that EVERY country has active terrorist groups. We have them here- the Klan, the "militias," etc.

Laszlo said...

Attila wasn't the monster you claim he was, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Nice Things to Say About Attila the Hun

I vote for Stalin as the worst. Who's your pick?

Bob Conner said...

I often receive rebukes from many, accusing me of "cherry-picking” after using casual remarks with which to write about politicians, etc.; using ammunition which, the likes of Trumps remarks, provides an entire armory just begging to be loaded and fired.

It's in the randomness of these statements that show us the absolute truth behind a person's true character, for they are utterly unrehearsed, giving us light with which to peer into the putrid world of the Trumps of the world; those who suffer from such grandiose delusions, it’s literally impossible for them to keep track of the volumes of lies and make-believes they spew.

But, their delusional behavior is also what makes them so profoundly frightening. It should be a glaring fireball in the night sky, warning us all of pending doom. Yet; for some reason, those who put him where he is today, appear to be blind to even the brightest of lights.

Green Eagle said...

Well, absolutely true, Bob. In the early days of my blog, I used to engage in more detailed destruction of right wing articles, like, say, Sadly No has done for many years. However, eventually I realized that what I wanted to stress through Wingnut Wrapup was the massive volume of this kind of delusional, hate filled nonsense that is everywhere on the right, and the way that it simply denies any truth that gets in its way. I want people to get a feeling for just how much of this sickening garbage is out there- to me that is far more frightening that any specific delusion.

In addition, may I add that it allows me ample scope for my sarcasm, which is not a casual thing, because if you can't respond to this stuff with a degree of ridicule, it would quickly drive you to despair.