Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Little Press Coverage in the Trump Era

I think this story from Yahoo this morning pretty much shows how the press has decided to play things these days:

"Backlash against creator of secret Clinton group"

Secret Clinton group!  Backlash!  God, what has Hillary done this time?

"The woman behind 3.7 million-member Facebook group Pantsuit Nation sparks anger when she announces book plans."

The group was so secret that it only had 3.7 million members!

"The group’s founder, 33-year-old Libby Chamberlain, announced on Monday that she is publishing a book based on the Facebook page...Some users even saw Chamberlain’s book move as an act of personal gain."

God forbid that she should have any "personal gain" from this highly successful project she organized.  I mean, she is a liberal, and therefore has no right to take advantage of our free enterprise system.

In the meantime Donald Trump is enshrining corruption at the center of his administration, violating every single day more norms of acceptable behavior in the White House, but it's far more important that we spend our time condemning this woman for daring to try to make money off of her honest work.  Democrats have no right to do anything but starve in the streets; Republicans are entitled to anything they can steal.  And the American people (or at least enough of them) decided that they are just fine with that.

Well, it's what you are going to get, Trump voters, so I hope it makes you happy when your social security is slashed, your access to medical care is destroyed, you discover that you have no right to be protected from poisoning by corporations, and the influx of cash from the blue States that you have been stealing for decades now is curtailed, because they are as badly off as you.  Well, it will be a great deal of satisfaction to you while you are starving and dying early, to be filled with fury that a liberal published a book about a Facebook site.


Big Ezra said...

Why should I care?

The Law of Return means that as soon as things get bad here, I can take the next flight to Tel Aviv and become a citizen there.

Green Eagle said...

Well, me too, Ezra. But please remember this: the three last major economic collapses in the United States happened when the Republicans controlled all three branches of the federal government. And the second one, the Great Depression, precipitated not just a worldwide economic disaster, but also World War II. And Trump is likely to be even worse on economic issues than people like Coolidge or Bush II. No one anywhere in the world will be able to escape the collapse that he is likely to cause.

Jerry Critter said...

Those that elected Trump deserve the destruction he will cause. Unfortunately, the rest of us will also get caught up in ththe backwash.

ez said...

Collateral Damage happens.