Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Just One More Little Abomination

Hardly worth noticing, these days.  Via Daily Kos, the following picture of Republican congressmen reacting just after passing a bill to do away with Obamacare:
These miserable excuses for human beings are roaring in laughter at the thought of taking medical care away from twenty million people.  These people know they are dooming a million or two people to an early death.  I'm sorry, but to me, this level of callousness approaches that of the Nazis that would send millions to the death camps.  And they are laughing about it.

This is what we are going to get, starting on January 20th.  Good work, white assholes who voted for Trump and a Republican Congress.  I hope your race hatred is worth your lives because that's the price you contracted to pay for the privilege.


Poll P. said...

Never thought we'd live in a world this f'd up.

Marc said...

For six years they campaigned on getting rid of the affordable care act. Not only will they get rid of that, but they won't even offer up a viable replacement. Next stop, Medicare and Social Security. This country is going to be like a semi going downhill without any brakes, and there won't be anything to avoid the crash - heck, these guys will be stomping on the gas pedal.

Jerry Critter said...

" Good work, white assholes who voted for Trump and a Republican Congress. "

What there stupid assholes don't realize is that they are going to die sooner too.

Professor Chaos said...

Some of the yokels are already complaining about possibly losing their Obamacare, as if that isn't exactly what they voted for.