Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump Attacks

So in an interview today, Donald Trump says that he would agree with sending women who had abortions to prison.

Shortly afterward, Rachel Maddow had a chance to ask Hillary Clinton about this.  Hillary talked, of course, about the Republican assault on women, and needless to say, she was one hundred percent right.  But I think she missed a larger point here.

Trump is attacking not just women with this declaration, but all Americans.  He is asserting that it is just fine to throw people in prison for refusing to accept the dictates of an extremist religion.  This makes him absolutely on a level with people who demand Sharia law.  This is, to me, a very disturbing development in our national political life, and is one more step in the downward Republican spiral to accepting force as a valid alternative, if they discover that they cannot win what they want through elections.

A lot of people will ridicule this statement, but then they have ridiculed my predictions for decades, and my predictions have just about all turned out to be true.  And I am not the only one.  There are plenty of people who can see what is happening in this country, but they are marginalized or destroyed, while the willing liars continue to deny what is right in front of us.


Magpie said...

Imprisoning women (or girls) who opt to make decisions about their own reproductive health and biological destiny?
What could be more Godly?
I have actually argued with some ‘good Christian’ person – an Australian I might add, so I can’t even blame this on wacky America – who thought publically ‘slut-shaming’ girls who have sex before marriage would be a great social initiative.

Organised Christianity in its traditional forms is explicitly anti-woman. And if you control women then by default you also control men - because you have programmed how they should feel about women, which is one of the greatest behavioural considerations heterosexual men have.
Religion in the Abrahamic traditions is a tyranny machine. Radical Islam is just less limited by liberal decency, modernity and regard for humanity and freedom.
Never forget Christopher Hitchens remark about organised religion having nice and fluffy marketing: “we have a right to remember how barbarically they behaved when they were strong and were making an offer that people could not refuse”

And it still is strong in America. Hillary cannot possibly toy with the idea that those who want to throw women in prison for controlling their reproductive options are akin to proponents of Sharia law. Fox News would turn that into “Hillary Clinton says Christians are like Islamic State” …and that would be that.

Infidel753 said...

This makes him absolutely on a level with people who demand Sharia law.

He's not the only one. Ted Cruz is proud to associate with, and be endorsed by, preachers who advocate implementing the Biblical death penalty for homosexuality. I suspect a lot of prominent Republicans, if pressed to disavow Trump's and Cruz's positions on these things, would weasel rather than do so.

Green Eagle said...

And let us be clear- if abortion is murder, then of course the women should be punished exactly the same as any other murderer. This is the tangled web we weave when we let religious lunatics tell us what our laws should be, and a perfect example of why the separation of church and state, as we have come to know it in this country, is so essential.

It would be only a small step from this idea to burning witches in the street, and I mean that literally, not as some figure of speech.

FNZ-795 said...

Taking women who have had abortions and throwing them in jail's been done before. Hitler did it, for one. There were two dictators who weren't religious who did it, too: the communists Stalin and Mao.

This tells us two things:
(1) If the GOP is taking its ideas from what three of the worst monsters of the 20th century had in common, the Republicans are worse than I thought.
(2) Since the right-wing's definition of "pro-life" means Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were all "pro-life," its definition must be a load of rubbish.

F.N. Zimmermann

Green Eagle said...

Lenin had the most liberal abortion policy in the world. Only in 1936 did Stalin ban abortion.

Mao banned abortion to increase the birth rate, but after he was gone, the Communist government instituted the one child policy that virtually made abortion a normal practice.

I just wanted to make it clear that banning abortion had nothing to do with the doctrine of Communism.

St. Joan said...

Please check out this trailer for "Equal Means Equal", a new documentary...and thanks to all the noble-hearted men who comment on this site.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well, to be fair Trump said "some form of punishment". So he may have been considering stoning, burning at the stake, drowning or firing squad. No doubt Head Inquistor of the Americas Raffie Cruz will support such measures upon claiming the mantle of El Presidente.

Green Eagle said...

I actually got a couple of comments (which I deleted with my newly imposed comment moderation) from the usual jackasses, calling me a liar because Trump never said "prison," he only said he would punish them. As you do, I wonder what else he might have had in mind- a fine (the normal punishment, after all, for corporate murderers,) sterilization, or one of the traditional right wing penalties you listed above. Or maybe we could just send every woman who had an abortion to Guantanamo, hoping the the weight of these millions of people would tip Cuba over and sink it to the bottom of the ocean, which would be very gratifying to wingnuts.