Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Just a Thought About Republicans

Not a one of them really believes in God or Jesus, or they wouldn't spend their whole lives doing things that would send them straight to Hell.  The whole thing is a gigantic Kabuki drama with no other intent but to shout down their opponents.  And this applies to the greedy little hate-filled white jerks they call their base, as well to the corrupt leaders.

Not much more to say about that-it's pretty obvious when you stop giving them credit for being "religious" and look at how they really behave.


Zog said...

"Not a one of them really believes in God or Jesus, or they wouldn't spend their whole lives doing things that would send them straight to Hell."

I must disagree. You'll always find a few Torquemadas who sincerely believes that what they're doing is the will of God. (Name anything in ethics, and it's possible to create a Bible-based argument for it. Then you can also come up with a Bible-based argument against it.)

You might be interested in Fred Clark's musings on the "many Christians who are reluctantly convinced that obedience to God’s Law requires them to be unkind, unjust and unloving to LGBT people." He's of the opinion that they have a toxic theology (Clark's words). Their fear of not doing what they think God wants them to do overrides their conscience.

In other words, if you're convinced that God and Jesus want you to hate, you may be afraid of doing otherwise.

It's an alternate take on the phenomenon.

Marc said...

...and just to prove a point, seems like another (R) 'Family Values' governor has been caught. Wether it was/is an affair, a one night stand, or just plain old sexual harassment we will just have to wait to find out, since the news hasn't had a full cycle for the spin doctors to 'doctor'.

Green Eagle said...

And we are still waiting (without much expectation) to see if the stories about Ted Cruz having had affairs have any substance. Probably just another Trump lie, but it would add one more element of insane farce to the Republican nomination.

Pinku-Sensei said...

I've been saying that much of what the GOP espouses is Satanic, first in and more extensively in A conversation with The Archdruid about Objectivism, Satanism, and the GOP. For the past 30 years, the conservative movement has tried to make two works of science fiction, "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Handmaid's Tale," into reality simultaneously. The only way that combination works is if one is working for a bunch of religious fanatics in service to a kleptocracy. That's definitely Satanic.

Green Eagle said...

I will give you this much: If you believe in God and Satan, and you see a religion that has removed all of the normal values espoused by Jesus and any number of other religious figures, and replaced them with meaningless nonsense, anger and hatred, you really have to ask yourself which one of those guys is behind it all. Jesus himself talked about Satan disguising himself as a good guy, after all.