Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Simple Truth That We Should Not Forget

Republicans turning on Trump?  I saw a poll today showing that 82% of Republicans are willing to vote for Trump if it comes to that.  Add the 10% more that will do the same thing, but are ashamed to admit it, and the 8% of Republicans that will "change their mind" by election day, and you have all of them.

These people voted twice for George W. Bush.  They voted for Romney when he rubbed his wealth in their faces.  The voted for the guy who picked Sarah Palin to be his vice President.  What in God's name would make anyone think that, when it comes down to it, they won't vote for this race baiting carnival barker too?  They are going to all vote for Trump, no matter how disgusting that is, because if they had any respect for our country they wouldn't be Republicans to begin with.

So, those of you who are hoping that a lot of Republicans will stay home in November if the party picks Trump: forget it.  Barring a party coup, he is who we are getting, and they are all going to get behind him.  Great, huh?


Bob Conner said...

Yea, it always feels good to puke; doesn't it?? I hear the pundits saying it's because the public is tired of the establishment. What in hell do they think he represents? It'd be hard to find a more establishment representative than Trump; silver spoon and all.

Green Eagle said...

Yeah, they don't want an "establishment" guy, so they turn to a billionaire. Brilliant, guys.

Anonymous said...

Sanders people are saying they will vote for Trump, not Hillary, if Sanders does not get the nomination. Stupidity is not the exclusive territory of Republicans.

Green Eagle said...

My younger son, who is in his twenties, says he meets a lot of people like this. He is a lead guitar player in a band (today is their third gig in four days- they play around the LA area a lot) and says he finds a lot of people who claim they won't vote for Hillary.

I remember this from the Pumas, people who supported Hillary in 2008, and said they wouldn't vote for Obama. So I talked to him, and here is what I think about this:

First of all, a bunch of these people are layabout stoners who have very little chance of getting off their asses and voting, even if Jerry Garcia was running. Second, some of them seem to be just a slight improvement on Trump voters, and the probability of their actually voting for a Democrat, rather than throwing their vote away on a Libertarian or an egomanical jerk like Nader, is low. And a fair number of them will come to their senses by November.

So, will this stupid attitude cost Hillary some votes? Probably, but I am guessing that it will not be too many.

Green Eagle said...

I just deleted a vicious attack on my wife by Dikram Hagopian. None of that here, asshole. Bye with you.

Adam Alabaster, A-1 American said...

I think he's saying you have a dirty mind.

Adam Alabaster, A-1 American said...

"First of all, a bunch of these people are layabout stoners who have very little chance of getting off their asses and voting, even if Jerry Garcia was running."

The head Deadhead died in 1995. For anyone now turning 20, Garcia's always been dead. I'd be surprised if many people in their mid-twenties have ever heard of him. (Around 1995, their favorite performer would have been Barney the annoying purple dinosaur.)

Get in touch with the modern world, please.

Green Eagle said...

Adam, I saw the Dead about a dozen times before Pigpen died. I pretty much know who they are.

You apparently do not have contact with anyone in their twenties. My sons are in their twenties, and they and their friends are very familiar with the Dead. I cited Jerry Garcia because he was the greatest acid head of all time.