Friday, March 11, 2016

Not Going So Well, Marco

A photo of a stadium rally for Marco Rubio in his home State of Florida, a couple of days ago:
I have a feeling that this does not bode well for Marco's candidacy, and with it, the hopes of the imaginary cadre of responsible Republicans who supposedly exist out there somewhere.

So, forty years of Republican hating have finally come together to reduce their Presidential field to the two absolutely most abominable candidates they had- the insane dominionist Ted Cruz, who thinks God put him here to rule the earth, and Trump, a lying, vicious huckster who no sane person would trust for a second.

Get ready for months of the mainstream press telling us how the "Washington elites" have failed us, how Obama is equally to blame for this because he failed to turn himself white, and in general, how the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans.  And maybe enough people will believe it, to elect one of these guys, and insure that the United States comes to an inglorious end.

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