Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vegas Shooter a Gun Nut

On October 1 of last year, as most people will sadly remember, a man in Las Vegas barricaded himself in a hotel room and began shooting at a concert below his windows, killing 51 people and injuring over 800.  The man seemed to be a prosperous middle class man with no known connection to terror groups, and his motives for this monstrous act seemed doomed to remain forever a mystery.

Now, however, it seems that the mystery has been dispelled.   In an extremely important report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which will predictably be virtually ignored, we learn the following, as reported by Adam Peck, at Think Progress:

"Evidence suggests Las Vegas shooter was motivated by pro-gun conspiracy theoriesBefore killing 51 people, Stephen Paddock shared his pro-gun conspiracy theories with numerous witnesses...

Just days before the massacre, at least two people told police that a man they believed to be Paddock ranted to them about federal government efforts to impose gun control measures. Another witness recounted how a man thought to be Paddock shared his belief that a “camp” set up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was in fact “a dry run for law enforcement and military to start kickin’ down doors and … confiscating guns.”

There's more at the article, which I suggest you read.

51 dead at the hands of a right wing gun nut, led into his violent rage by the lies of the Republican party and the NRA.

I don't even have the energy any more to go into one more rant about what the right is doing to this country; I just want to add to the record of their hatred.  Not that it will do any good, since to the Republican base, this sort of violence is a good thing, not an abomination, and it's clear at this point that no one is going to convince them differently.

Addendum:  A few days later, and there is a post up at Daily Kos pointing this out:

"Police documents about the Las Vegas shooter show he's a right-wing terrorist but no one will say so"
No one but Green Eagle, I guess.

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