Thursday, May 24, 2018

Collector's Item

If you got one of these, hang on to it...there aren't going to be that many around, I suspect.
Tired of winning yet?

Update:  I guess they've got to unload their stock.  Thanks to The Week, this notice at the White House website:
They've cut the price!  This man has absolutely zero shame when it comes to making a dollar off of anything, even when it just advertises his own humiliation.  He doesn't even have the decency to stop selling a permanent record of his own incompetence.  Oh well, his base will find a way to turn this colossal failure into a masterstroke of strong leadership, so I guess it's okay.  Maybe they can mint a medal commemorating his walking away from the summit like some jilted lover pretending that they were the one who decided to break up.


Unknown said...

Such a deal maker!

Green Eagle said...

Well, you've got to hand it to him- if he is selling any of them, he is making money in return for nothing.