Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Apres Moi le Deluge?

So we hear today about Donald Trump's replacement of his longstanding (for him) lawyer Ty Cobb with a guy named Emmet Flood.

Don't recognize that name?  I must admit that it rang only the faintest of bells to me, but Emmet Flood is a guy who is almost entirely known for having defended Bill Clinton during the Republican impeachment nonsense.

I've already heard all sorts of speculation from the as-usual willingly clueless mainstream press about what this means.  What I haven't heard from anyone, of course, is this simple fact:  If you expect to be tried for burglary, you don't hire a corporate attorney, and if you need to have someone write a real estate contract, you don't hire a divorce lawyer.  The fact that Trump is hiring a lawyer known for defending people being impeached says it all.

Only Donald Trump really knows what he has done, and why he did it.  The fact that he is hiring Emmet Flood is a huge clue about where he thinks this is all going, and as far as I am concerned, is a massive reveal of Trump's consciousness of his own guilt.


Jerry Critter said...

I agree. And the fact that he is hiring him at this time is significant. There are no impeachment proceedings on the near horizon. Mueller has not issued a report and House Republicans are busy defending Trump, not accusing him. But, Trump knows what he has done. His attorneys have talked to Mueller’s attorneys. Trump knows what the people who are cooperating it’s Mueller are telling him. He knows what information has been collected from Manifort and Cohen places.

He knows impeachment proceedings are very likely even if Dems don’t take back the House in Nov. Now everybody else knows too. Trump has all but admitted he is guilty.

If the talks like he is guilty. If he acts like he is guilty. If he does things that indicate he is guilty. Guess what? He is guilty!

The only remaining question is will he lose the presidency because of it.

Anonymous said...

The only remaining question is will he lose the presidency because of it

And the answer is: it depends on what he’s guilty of.

Green Eagle said...

And sad to say, whether there is a single honest person in his own party willing to do the right thing.