Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Joke of the Day

From the Washington Post:
"CIA nominee says she would obey her moral compass, not Trump, if told to carry out questionable activities"
Moral compass!  The "moral compass" of someone who approved and carried out torture in the first place!  The moral compass of someone who engaged in illegal destruction of evidence to hide that torture.  That's some moral compass you have there, lady.
"She resisted efforts by senators to get her to say whether she believed it was morally wrong to use techniques such as waterboarding on terrorist suspects."
Her "moral compass" can't tell her whether it is okay to torture people, but by God, she will rely on that moral compass. She wouldn't ever engage in "questionable activities," as long as we understand that those activities would have to be a lot worse than torture and destroying evidence before she would consider them questionable.

And that is good enough for Republicans.

"Senators were visibly frustrated at Haspel’s unwillingness to say definitively whether she believed it was wrong at the time to waterboard terrorist suspects."

Democratic senators, that is, as the Washington Post carefully avoids pointing out.

"Haspel said she had a “great reputation” with Trump and his inner circle"

Well, that's a comfort, particularly given the overwhelming likelihood that every Republican in the Senate will vote to confirm her.

Let us be clear, this woman is evil, in the most literal meaning of the word, just like John Bolton, Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Betsey deVos and just about every other person appointed by Donald Trump, who incidentally is evil too.  But that's okay with Republicans if these evil people will go along with more big paydays for the rich, because that is all that government is for, at least with them in charge.  So a little thing like being an evil person on the level of SS or Gestapo agents really isn't a disqualification these days.


Jerry Critter said...

Trump is populating The Swamp not only with corrupt and immoral people, but with evil people as well.

Flying Junior said...

I was driving in my car today after 3:00 p.m. Not sure what show it was on NPR, but Gina Haspel was being grilled by a democratic senator and then the next sound byte was Olympia Snowe attempting to hold her feet to the fire. The last surviving republican politician on the national level with a conscience.

So the democrat is asking her about her moral compass when she gave the orders to allow CIA torturing and enhanced interrogation of suspected Al Qaeda these fourteen years ago. Apparently she had already satisfied herself with her answer on her current moral compass.

It sounded like something from the Nuremburg trials. She was only acting in accordance with the law as defined by failed Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez. The democrat accused her of a legalistic justification of her actions. She could only respond that her parents brought her up properly. The point of the line of questioning was where was her moral compass when she allowed the waterboarding and other illegal tactics.

So then Olympia Snowe begins interrogating her. What I recall from the exchange was that Gina Haspel ordered the destruction of ninety-two tapes of the torture carried out on one suspect by the CIA. Senator Snowe was unclear on just who was depicted on the ninety-two tapes. She though that it might have involved several suspects. In a rare moment of candor, Ms. Haspel corrected Senator Snow. "It was ninety-two tapes of the torture of one suspect." Ms. Haspel did not regret the destruction of evidence. It was done in the name of national security. As if Al Qaeda would somehow find these men and or women and force them to stop torturing presumably by killing them.

Senator Snowe say, "Well, thank you for that."

The bitch from hell is simply impervious to the fact that she ordered torture on more than one hundred occasions. And she was the one who attempted to destroy the evidence.

Green Eagle said...

Thanks for that report, Junior. I've gotten so traumatized by the endless Republican evil that I can't watch or even read about it any more.