Friday, March 9, 2018

Wingnut Wrapup

Every kind of idiocy to blot out the wingnut's apprehension of what sort of monsters they elected.  It continues to amaze me what mental gymnastics they are willing to go through to deny the obvious reality, but I keep feeling that someone has to keep an eye on this distressing phenomenon, because it is going to form the intellectual basis of their rejection of any responsibility for what has happened to this country:

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Conservative Parkland Massacre Survivor the Media Has Largely Ignored"

No thanks, Guy.  Do you expect us to be impressed that out of all the students at this school, right wingers managed to find one sixteen year old that they could manipulate with promises of fame and fortune, to say what they want?  And it's sort of funny that we are expected to ignore everything a teenager says, unless they agree with the Republican party; then they are the voice of enlightenment.

Michael Brown, Town Hall:  "How Billy Graham Might Have Responded to George Will"

Man, talk about an article that no sane person wants to read.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Rep. Trey Gowdy, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman, said Sunday a second special counsel to look into the Department of Justice and FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and possible collusion between President Trump and Russia during the 2016 presidential election may be necessary."

Another e-mail investigation- From the man who brought you the Benghazi hearings.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Against Fake Civility...They tell us that our uppity refusal to quietly submit to abuse and subjugation, both figurative and literal, makes us bad people. Not only can we live with that, but we should celebrate it."

Of course, this applies only to White people who refuse to submit to phony abuse.  When it comes to Black people and their real centuries long history of abuse and subjugation, even kneeling down on a football field turns out to be an unacceptable outrage.  Just to make it clear, this is open racism; something we never thought we would see again in this country from a major political party.  How wrong we were.

"George W. Bush was civil, oh so civil, or so dignified. He was so civil and dignified that we got eight years of Barack Obama and we came that close to going under forever."

Ha.  We got Obama because Republicans were just too nice, not because they caused a depression that Obama had to avert,  and started a criminal war of aggression in which a million civilians were killed.

"The problem is that progressives are not people of good faith.  They are not trying to reason. They are not trying to compromise. They do not accept the basic concept that all American citizens have inalienable rights and that the law must apply equally to everyone. They hate us."

Just one more example of Republicans blaming the other side for their own evil behavior.  And may I again point out that this is not projection, which is a psychological problem; it is a conscious strategy of lying to obscure their own crimes.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Flake Predicts Trump Will Have Company in 2020"

Another article I couldn't be bothered to read, but I hope Cortney means this is because federal prisons have two man cells.

David Soloway, PJ Media:  "The time seems ripe to further the process of (Joe) McCarthy’s rehabilitation."

Great.  And then we can get onto doing the same for Heinrich Himmler.  Because there is nothing so in need of positive historical assessment as Conservative hatred and lies.

Steven Kruiser, PJ Media:  "Dear California: Call Me When the Commies Leave"

This is one article I actually did read, or at least part of it- it went on and on, so eventually I snapped out of my daze.  Turns out that every Democrat in the State is a Commie.  Steven lives in Arizona, and will be happy to move to California when all the Democrats are liquidated.  Sort of like Germans moving to Poland after 1939. 

Tyler O'Neal, PJ Media:  "Determined 'Not to Die a Human,' Transgender Dragon Lady Spent $60K to Confirm 'Second Birth'

And here she is:

And if she didn't want to die a human, she could have saved so much money by just becoming a Republican.  All that surgery and she still isn't half as nauseating looking as Donald Trump.

Kevin McCulloch, Town Hall:  "Trump's Tariff Declaration Is Brilliant...President Trump is the most masterful negotiating presence in the White House of not just the modern era, but in American history."

And you expect wingnuts to believe anything bad about Trump at all.  They are terminally delusional, and served by a media empire dedicated to furthering those delusions.

Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "“Bigger Than Watergate!” POTUS Trump Unleashes on Obama and Crooked Hillary For Illegally Spying on His Campaign"

He's in panic mode now...and by the way, someone should try to explain to him that gathering information about your electoral opponent is not illegal, particularly when the information is true.  Funny that Trump apparently believes it is just fine to tell any kind of lie about Democrats, but that they are criminals for telling the truth about him.

Joshua Caplan, Gateway Pundit:  "The FBI’s Secret Warrant To Spy On Carter Page Should Scare All Americans"

Or at least all of the ones who conspired with a foreign dictator to subvert our democracy.  I wouldn't be surprised if that description fits all the Americans Joshua knows.

And now, how about a little panic:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "US Speeds Past 4th Step in 6 Step Process of Democrat-Communist Totalitarian Rule"

Too boring to report on Jim's predictably asinine remarks.  Let's just notice a second time today that major right wing blogs have totally conflated the Democratic party with Communists. 

And the important question of the day:

Rev. Mark Creech, Renew America:  "Is Billy Graham's death prophetically significant?"


"Could Christ be at the door to deliver his people from the bonds of this earth and take them to their final home?  I must confess that I've had similar thoughts about the passing of Billy Graham...Our world is certainly ripe for God's wrath, especially the West, especially the United States."

Rev. Creech: schizophrenic, or just a lying con man?  We report, you decide.

And a little more stark raving madness from the right:

Linda Kimball, Renew America:  "(T)he sinister power stealthily aiding and abetting the massacre of Syrian Christians is our own 'deep state' Gnostic Progressive Leftist controlled government.  Though names have changed over time and new members added, it remains the case that behind the murderous Soviet Union, Hitler's occult National Socialist Reich, the ongoing destruction of the West, redistribution of its wealth, and replacement of Westerners and Americans with Muslims, there has been a powerful financial coterie of 'elite' progressives and like- minded travelers committed to a mystical pantheist worldview, apotheosis, self-empowerment, revolution and death.

Having rejected the Christian roots of their own civilization, contemporary Progressive Leftists have merged materialism with a new Gnostic mystical pantheist order of beliefs of which global socialism, a form of monism (collectivism or totalism), is a logical expression. In keeping with Marxist Communism, Nazi Socialism, New Age Spirituality, Luciferianism, and "God is dead" theology, Progressive Leftism is a Neo-Gnostic movement that exalts Lucifer as the Light Bearer and emancipator of man while demonizing Jehovah as an evil, malformed, ignorant deity sometimes called Yaldabaoth, the 'fallen' Holy Creator God of the Old Testament who created the evil material world, angels and human beings."

Made it through that, did you?  I think we are reaching the point where the entire wingnut world view is basically indistinguishable from schizophrenia.  And I do not make this remark as a joke.  The above, from a major right wing website, is essentially indistinguishable from the ravings of the worst paranoid psychotic.

Tim Jones, American Thinker:  "Is There a Link Between Progressivism and Depression?  What is going on in American society and why is there an epidemic of depression and anxiety?"

Funny that the "epidemic of depression and anxiety" coincides with the Republicans taking total control of the country, but it's all the fault of progressives, who have no control over anything.  Well, let's take comfort in small things; at least he wasn't trying to blame progressives for economic depression, which is such a specialty of his people.  We hear enough of that sort of insane blame casting, of course, but at least not today.

And now, up is down:

Noel S. Williams, American Thinker:  "The Democrats as Russian Dupes, 2018 Edition...Perhaps Trump was observant when describing the Democrats' reactions at his SOTU address as treasonous...Democrats are against Trump out of fear that his polices are generally good for America...In essence, what's good for America is bad for Democrats.

The Russian intruders must be thrilled with their puppet, Nancy Pelosi.  Given the extent of her collaboration, perhaps we should assign her a Russian-style last name like Popov; after all, Nancy has been popping off a lot lately.   Nancy Popov is like a political commissar shrieking that Trump's DACA proposal is subterfuge to make America white again."

Yes, you see, it is Nancy Pelosi who is the Russian collaborator, not Donald Trump, despite the literally hundreds of pieces of evidence now available, of his connection to Vladimir Putin.  Once again, the Republican tactic of the decade:  scream as loudly and as viciously as you can that it's your opponents who are guilty of your own crimes.

Rick Moran, American Thinker:  "Innovation in fast food industry making 'Fight for Fifteen' irrelevant..."Flippy" is a burger-flipping robot that is just one of the technological innovations in the fast food industry that will eventually make the union-backed "Fight for Fifteen" minimum wage movement irrelevant.  It's hard to fight for increased pay for a job that doesn't exist."

Take that, American workers!  Want a job with a livable wage?  Screw you, we're replacing you with a machine!

"It's ironic that in pressing for unrealistic wages, fast food workers have spurred companies to innovate."

"Unrealistic" wages being, in this case anything that does not leave workers so close to starvation that they have to take whatever vicious deal their employers want to provide. And "innovation" becomes a euphemism for "more money for the boss, less for the workers,"  I.e. Republican utopia.

And now the Conservative whine of the day:

Monica Showalter, American Thinker:  "Thrashing around with a non-story on collusion, the press gets despicable...Mike Allen, who rightfully acted as the adult in the room with his chiding of the press as it grasped for straws in the decaying rubble of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian collusion investigation, has now given the press a new smack-down in its shameful exploitation of an obviously fragile man of no consequence to the news: Sam Nunberg."

Yes indeed.  When a Republican makes a total fool of himself acting belligerent on national TV, it is just out of bounds to point it out.

"But they exploited the fragile man, with zero respect for his well-being, given that he was a supporter of President Trump.  This is "awful scandal porn" and what makes people hate the press"

If he's too weak to answer for his own behavior, maybe he was too weak to work for Trump, who destroys everyone he gets close to.  By the way, it's sort of cute, isn't it, that they're still insisting that Mueller's got nothing, huh?

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  (Liberals) must realize how harmful the anti-gun crusade is to their cause, as they watch the momentum garnered from the massacre in Parkland dissipate and energize the public against gun-grabs."

The momentum is dissipating...Is that what you have noticed happening?  In fact, this time around the exact opposite seems to be taking place, but wingnuts are going to believe what wingnuts want to believe.

Pat Hall, American Thinker:  "Co-opting children for political gain...Framing students as credible experts on gun policy is simply irresponsible."

Whereas treating paid liars for the NRA as experts is simply the sensible thing to do.

And let's not end today's column without a new low in gratuitous abuse of Hillary:

Before It's News:  "Clinton Kuru Disease Diagnosis... Kuru belongs to a class of diseases called transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), also called prion diseases.  You can contract the disease by eating an infected brain...This has everything to do with cannibalism; it has everything to do with Hillary Clinton"
Yes, Hillary Clinton is a cannibal who eats human brains.  That is actually what they are saying.  No kidding- that's what they want you to believe.  Not a metaphor- she is actually in the basement of that Pizza Parlor eating human brains. 

"Please Note: Due to the constant threat of internet censorship, this article and video content may not be publicly available for long – Get this information out!"

God in heaven above, there is no bottom line for these people.  And if you are sincerely confused about how much credence to give to articles at Before It's News, read this:

Before It's News:  "Hibernating Alien Discovered Inside Secret Chamber In The Great Pyramid"

Or this:

Before It's News:  "My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me on Facebook – I’ve Got the Screenshots, I Don’t Know What to Do"

Sad to say, a hell of a lot of people do seem to read this stuff, and believe it too.  It's like the Red Queen, who said she practiced believing impossible things every day.  With these people, it's just practice for believing the most impossible thing; that it's Hillary and not Trump who is the Russian Traitor.  Okay, that's it for me.  I've fried enough neurons for one day.

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