Thursday, March 22, 2018

He Hasn't Hit Bottom Yet

I've pretty much stopped commenting on Donald Trump's clear insanity, because everyone can see what is going on, but today represents a new low.  Is there no bottom to this man's depravity, and is there no point at which his fellow Republicans, who hold all the reins of government in their hands, are going to do their duty and remove him?

In the last day or so, we've seen this:

First of all, Trump just precipitated a 724 point one day drop in the Dow Jones average, through an erratic and totally un-thought out trade attack on China.  We'll have to see what happens to the markets tomorrow; hopefully this is a one day catastrophe and not one more step toward a real crash.  In any event, the guy is playing with worldwide depression, in order to feed his own ego.  I don't care who voted for him; what decent person wants him in the White House?

Next, Trump's main lawyer in his incipient treason case quit yesterday, for reasons that seem pretty obvious.  I could care less about that, but as I clearly remember Trump's choice to replace him, one Joseph diGenova, I feel called upon to briefly discuss what is going on here.

Yes, diGenova is technically a lawyer- he does have a law degree and is licensed- but that has nothing to do with the public role that he has played in the last two decades.  DiGenova and his wife were among the most vicious, irrational attackers of the Clintons, back when Bill Clinton was President, and he has ever since then appeared repeatedly on Fox News, willing and able to spread the most malignant smears against anyone who opposed the Republican party.  This man cannot possibly be of any assistance in a real defense; what he is actually suited for is mounting the most aggressive, offensive attempt to destroy Trump's opponents that anyone could provide.  No one seems to want to contemplate what role this miserable excuse for a human being is actually suited for, but to me it seems an obvious tell that Trump is abandoning any pretense of a real defense to the charges against him, and simply beginning a strategy of using his power to crush anyone who dares to tell the truth about him.  This presages a coming period of chaos that dwarfs the obscene idiocy we have seen so far from Trump.

And finally, and worst of all, today Trump fired his national security adviser, H. R. McMaster, a Lieutenant General who formerly was a military history professor at West Point, and replaced him with a violent lunatic, the execrable John Bolton, who has spent his entire public career agitating for war, most notably against Iran and North Korea. As far as I am concerned, this presages a clear intent from Trump to start a war, somewhere, anywhere.  This is partly the result of Trump's hopeless addiction to violent bullying, and partly due to his belief that the country would never eject a sitting President during a war, no matter how corrupt and subversive he might be.

Well, the prospects of war and depression just became far more likely today.  How do you like them apples, huh, people?  I'd guess that the likelihood of one or the other happening in the near future is at least 70% now. 

Three decades of Democrats allowing the Republican cancer to grow without making any meaningful effort to stop it; and an equally long period in which the Republican party bred a deranged, violent base which cheers on the most destructive candidates it can find, and here we are.  Welcome to Hell.


One Fly said...

It sucks a hind teat to read the truth about how high the shit pile is we are standing in.

Anonymous said... trump insane or is he carrying out Putin's plan to isolate this country from the rest of the world? Can anything stop this slide into madness?

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, I have suggested on a number of occasions that Trump's payback to Putin for putting him in the White House consists in destroying the United States' ability to lead or form a part of any international effort to contain Putin's behavior. So, I agree with you completely, except to note that this is not madness, it is treason.