Sunday, March 4, 2018

No Exceptions for Allies

This information from the Washington Post today:

"Trump trade adviser says no exceptions for allies on new aluminum and steel tariffs...White House trade adviser Peter Navarro appeared to draw a firm line against case-by-case exemptions as he defended President Trump's sudden imposition of new trade premiums, which are likely to hit Canada and Europe hardest."

We've become accustomed, as hard as it is to believe, with this worthless subhuman doing multiple things every single day that would have gotten any other President in history removed from office almost instantly; we're getting to accept that we have to wake up to stories like the piece also in the Post today, referring to Trump's behavior as "pure madness."  But there is another, far more important aspect to this behavior, which is not madness, but the result of cold calculation.

I have spoken about this before, but at this point virtually nobody else seems willing to put the pieces together.  What I am talking about is Trump's very successful efforts to alienate every single one of our allies; to leave the United States incapable of participating in, let alone leading, any kind of unified effort to stand up to Vladimir Putin, whatever Putin decides to do.  It should be clear by now that this is the number one foreign policy priority of the Trump White House. This is not madness, it is treason.  It is the payoff for the material help that the Russians gave Trump to put him in office, and anyone who cannot look at the multiple instances of this behavior, the conduct of affairs of state which in the aggregate have no other explanation, is simply still so paralyzed by what used to be acceptable in this country, that they are just averting their eyes.

It is vital that the opposition to Trump be totally focused on this issue.  If Trump is removed solely on the basis of incompetence or mental illness, the Republicans will just replace him with the equally evil Pence, and go on looting the country as before.  The issue of his treasonous collaboration with a hostile foreign country goes beyond that; it makes his entire administration illegitimate.  It demands the removal of his Vice President too, as well as the nullification of every single thing he has done as President, up to and including his malignant Supreme Court pick.  And it demands accountability for the criminality of his fellow Republicans as they abetted that treason.

Any lesser remedy will leave the disease to grow again, and grow again it will, fostered by a party that has now openly decided that any kind of damage to the country is acceptable if it benefits their sociopathic backers.


Anonymous said...

Can't disagree with anything you said but my only response is: Good luck with that.

KanaW said...

I hadn't thought about that being deliberate; it just seemed part and parcel of his own narcissism.

But I do believe that you're absolutely right. And I must also agree with Anonymous that there's not much chance of anything actually being done about it.

We're fucked.

Infidel753 said...

the nullification of every single thing he has done as President, up to and including his malignant Supreme Court pick

To your knowledge, is there any Constitutionally-acceptable mechanism for doing that? I'm not aware of one, but I'm no expert.

Green Eagle said...

It is true that the framers of the Constitution never imagined a time when a person so hostile to their intent would be elected President. It is also the case that, without Democratic supermajorities in both houses, the right thing will never be done. A perfect example of that is what has happened the last several years in California, which has taken immense strides in righting itself, now that Republican corruption cannot control everything that is possible. So I guess that we are truly fucked. Nevertheless, the right thing to do would be to declare Trump, as an agent of a foreign government, ineligible to be President, and install the second biggest electoral vote getter in his place, with a commitment to nullify every action he took while illegally occupying the White House.