Monday, October 2, 2017

Wingnut Wrapup

God, they are panicking today- between the NFL, Puerto Rico and the Las Vegas white guy shooting, they really have to spew the smears with determination this week.  Let's just start with Gateway Pundit's coverage of the Las Vegas shooting, posted within hours of the event- a new height in shameless lying, even for Gateway Pundit:
Taken down within hours, since it was a total lie, with no apology of course, but it lives on forever here at Green Eagle. And in the hundreds of other right wing websites who picked up the same malignant, hate filled lie, without a second thought.

And let us not forget that Trump has given Gateway Pundit press credentials for White House press conferences.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Our Broken Obama Military Can’t Even Manage to Toss Out Traitors...We have a Navy that can’t even sail its few remaining ships without running into giant cargo vessels. I come from a Navy family. You should call my dad, the retired lieutenant commander, and ask him what he thinks about the Navy’s current level of seamanship."

Ships running into each other.  It happened under Trump, but of course it's Obama's fault.  Let's be clear about that.

"And we have now reached the pinnacle of the military’s moral bankruptcy with the revelation that one Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone is a communist."

A SECOND LIEUTENANT!   COMMUNIST!  Not that this is illegal, of course, nor Kurt could point to a shred of damage done by a SECOND LIEUTENANT being a COMMUNIST!  Luckily, patriots are on the spot:

"Fortunately, we have a president who actually loves America and a Secretary of Defense who is a warrior."

Well, that's nice.  Maybe some day they will do something to show us that this isn't one more right wing lie.

Michael Brown, Town Hall:  "Only God Can Heal America"

Well, then he'd better get on the damned job then.  What is he waiting for?

John Hawkins, Town Hall:  "There Are No Oppressed People in America...The only Americans that are actually discriminated against by the government these days are white Americans who are victimized by Affirmative Action...Do you realize the stunning level of self-absorption and self-deception that it takes to believe you’re oppressed in America? Real oppression is women in Saudi Arabia getting to drive for the first time in 2017."

And not black males objecting to being shot by police all over the country, without the police being held accountable in any way.  I haven't heard of much of that going on in Saudi Arabia.  By the way, did anyone notice the "stunning level" of lack of self awareness it takes to say that there are no oppressed people in America, and then a few seconds later, claim that you and your fellow white supremacists are oppressed?

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Trump Orders Flags at Half Staff"

A blatant misuse of half staff rules and an insult to the flag from a man who knows nothing about his duty and doesn't really care.  For the circumstances under which the President can order flags flown at half staff, see here.  Not that I give a damn about what they do with the flag, but they sure claim to care, so here's just one more sign of what a lying pack of scum they are.

Susan Wright, Red State:  "Among Shock and Grief, House Speaker Ryan Issues a Statement on the Las Vegas Shooting"

That will be a comfort to the families of the victims.

Caleb Howe, Red State:  "WATCH LIVE: President Trump Speaks on Las Vegas Shooting"

No thanks.  "‘WTF is wrong with you?!’ Tariq Nasheed already blaming white supremacy for mass shooting in LV"

Tariq Nasheed?  Who the hell is that?  No comment on the hundreds of right wing sites that were instantaneously ready to blame the shooting on every liberal on earth, by incorrectly accusing a guy who liked the Rachel Maddow show of the killings, which just proves that Democrats were standing right next to the guy handing him ammunition.

PJ Media:  "Vegas shooter's brother:  "It just makes no sense"  Says no, he was not a "gun enthusiast."

The guy apparently owned a couple dozen guns.  That does not make him a gun enthusiast, I guess.  Maybe just a compulsive shopper.

Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media:  "Hillary Clinton Politicizes Las Vegas Shooting: 'Stand Up to the NRA'...She couldn't even wait until all the details were released before pinning this violence on the NRA."

Good for you, Hillary.

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media:  "Puerto Rico Enters the 'Great American Victim Derby'

Something that white areas of Texas, Florida, Georgia or the Carolinas did not do when they demanded Federal assistance after being hit by the recent hurricanes.

Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media:  "CNBC Host Lemonis: 'Millennials Have a Different Perspective About Working...CEO counts being a franchise and hiring among most difficult things for businesses to face today."

Yeah, Millennials just aren't interested in throwing their lives away to make this CEO richer than he already is.  What a bunch of self-centered jerks, huh?

Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media:  "Jill Stein: 'We Will Go to Our Graves Waiting for Democrats to Save Us'

Well, Jill, since you joined with Putin to help put Trump in the White House, you personally can go to your grave before any sane Democrat would do a thing to save you.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Is the headquarters of the Deep State in Moscow?"

Ha ha, a particularly pathetic example of blaming the other side for what your leader is doing.

Wes Vernon, Renew America:  "One man can save or end America as we know it"

That would be John McCain, according to Wes, whose failure to vote to end Obamacare by September 30 apparently just ended America.  If I were you, I'd take a moment to look out the window and make sure it's still there.

World Net Daily:  "'ANTIFA' PREPS MASS UPRISING TO REMOVE 'FASCIST' TRUMP...Gathering across U.S. 'to put stop to grave danger posed by whole regime'

Apparently, an abomination to the people at World Net Daily, who are totally opposed to removing fascists from our government.  Lots more in this article, but I'm afraid the rest of it failed the "funny or boring" test rigorously applied before something can make it into Wingnut Wrapup, so you will have to live without ever knowing what a grave danger is represented by people holding peaceful demonstrations to oppose fascism.

Barbara Simpson, "The Babe in the Bunker,"  World Net Daily:  "Stand up for the anthem or take a hike"

A hike? good exercise.  It couldn't hurt.  I mainly posted this item to give you a chance to get a laugh out of a middle aged woman calling herself "The babe in the bunker."

World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE!  "Christian author: Satan the devil to become physical man"

To become physical man?  Hey, they've told us for years that Obama is Satan already.  What, were they wrong?


If they'd stuck to Stratocasters like any sensible teenager, this would have never happened.

Peter Skurkiss, American Thinker:  "The Free Lunch Slide into Socialism"

Sorry to be so blunt, but this article could be retitled, "Feed a Nigger and turn our country Communist."  A line of thinking for Republicans that just never grows old.

David Harsanyi, The Federalist:  "When You Politicize Shootings You Make It Harder To Find Solutions"

Whereas, it would be much easier to "find solutions" if all the Democrats would just shut the fuck up and forget about it.

And I think we can go out on a couple of items from Before It's News:

Jim Stone, Freelance Reporter (that's what it says,) Before It's News:  "Las Vegas Horror Revealed As Liberal Conspiracy-I have the audio files that prove it...My guess is this was staged by Israeli/American intelligence to cover for an attempted genocide underway in Puerto Rico, as communists in the government block supplies from reaching the people. If you don’t know about that, skip down the page a ways."

If you DO "know" that, how about just skipping the rest of your life and giving the rest of us a break?

"For me, this is obvious:

 1. Communists get busted staging a genocide attempt on U.S. territory.

2. Communists then divert the news cycle to a horrendous mass shooting in a national playground. THIS IS OBVIOIUS FOLKS."

OBVIOUS.  Yup, obvious.  Not, however, obvious enough to prevent Before It's News from offering several other explanations of the same event.  I guess ISIS had a role:

"ISIS in USA! Actual Shooting Caught on This Disturbing Tape Las Vegas Shooting Mandalay Bay 58+ Killed 700+ Injured "

And let's not forget to blame the Reptilians from outer space:

"While Mr. Paddock will join the “Hall of  shame” he, like all other criminals who made infamy a reality were the victims of a corrupted , infected religious and scientific system  denying the real option for spiritual regeneration! This lead Stephen  Paddock to a total mental degeneration, infestation, murder and suicide… 

Who’s next to slave for the reptilius as such?"

But wait, maybe it's not Communists or ISIS or Israel or lizards...maybe it's the Globalists:

Before It's News:  "Las Vegas Mass Shooting:  False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract...This extremely well planned and covered up domestic terrorist attack was obviously a false flag operation. In other words, the mass shooting has already been blamed on a disillusioned white guy yet many in attendance have reported multiple shooting locations; so we know it’s a false flag as usual.


Things have not been going well for the globalists.  Their New World Order agenda is in complete disarray. First, the NFL Kneelgate scandal has really back fired…so much so that the NWO ruling cabal has to change the national conversation.  Nothing does that quicker than a mass casualty event (MCE).  The NFL crashes and burns! Collapse of the celebrity culture now inevitable.  With the NFL in a free-fall collapse, the globalists were forced to divert the attention of the American people." 

The NFL's problems are a sign of collapse of the New World Order!  And then, there's this:

"The key point is that Puerto Rico has been evolving in the direction of a major political football. "

Pro football, political can see where this is going, can't you?  You can't?  Well, neither can Green Eagle, but wherever it's going, it won't be a good place.

"Whenever an MCE is analyzed so quickly as a lone-wolf mass murder, who could not possibly have shot so many people so swiftly, the U.S. Intelligence Community is obviously behind the whole charade."

Well, what other conclusion could you come to?

So, let's just put this particular version of Wingnut Wrapup out of its (and our) misery, huh?  Have a nice day!


BB-Idaho said...

Another mass shooting in the US. Right blames left, left blames right blah blah.
It doesn't take a rocket engineer to figure that US gun deaths, if put on a wall
like the Viet Nam Memorial over the same number of years would need to be three
times as long: throw in suicide by gun and lengthen the marble and names by another 3 times: we get 1482ft of black marble 5 ft high filled with victims. May we call this the NRA wall?

Green Eagle said...

"Right blames left, left blames right blah blah."

Can't you tell the difference between those two things? Can't you distinguish between truth and falsity? Can't you see the relationship between the right's culture of death and hatred, and the gun deaths in this country? What exactly are you trying to say?

Magpie said...

“a lone-wolf mass murder, who could not possibly have shot so many people so swiftly”

The fuck he couldn’t. Of course he could.
He had an arsenal of things designed specifically to kill many people swiftly.

If people are going to have doubts about the efficacy of guns for the one thing they are intended to do ... then has anyone asked all these 2nd amendment dickheads what use THEIR gun is when they are having dinner, waiting for a bus or trying to take a selfie and hear what their girlfriend is saying? Short of being ensconced in an Abrams tank you could have all the guns with you and it wouldn’t stop someone killing you if you don’t know they’re there.

The Guardian: “there is a mass shooting (in the US) – defined as four or more people shot in one incident, not including the shooter – every 9 out of 10 days on average.”

9 out of 10 days!

When is a critical mass of the population going to get tired of having their children live under constant threat of random death just so some cowardly nerds can indulge their ideologically up-scaled fetish?

By the way, my credit card details got hacked some months ago and used... over in bloody America... to buy $2000 worth of telescopic gear for firearms.
I’m not out of pocket but the trader is.
I hope it wasn’t by one Stephen Paddock.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Green Eagle, the right-wing internet has been a horror show beyond even their worst these last few days. They have no compunctions no limits. While there is no peak wing nut, there are no depths conservatives will not sink into, the right-wing trench has no bottom.

But, the while they're aligned with the NRA, I think it also offers up a point of attack. We have to tie every Republican to the NRA and their blood-soaked campaign donations. Every Democratic candidate should run on a platform of FULL REPEAL of the 2A. No more wishy-washy half measures and sensible gun control measures the NRA treats everything as an attack so might as well go for the jugular and make them defend all of the weapons and mass shootings as their business model.

Tie them to the dead bodies. Wave the bloody flag because if we don't this cadre of MORON LABE gun jumpers, the bloody NRA, and the Gun Industry is going to produce enough guns for shootings like this last one to occur daily.