Friday, October 27, 2017

Trump Is Pivoting Again! Really!

And this time he's really growing into the job!  Just ask the Washington Post, which is happy to report today:

"Trump bowing to CIA on JFK files is a reminder of how the presidency changes people...

THE BIG IDEA: The world looks different when you sit behind the Resolute desk...President Trump made a last-minute decision to delay the release of thousands of pages of classified documents related to the John F. Kennedy assassination."

He's changed! Instead of never keeping his promises, this time he's...not keeping his promise!  But this time it's totally different! Really!

Here is the Washington Post's account of how much Trump has changed:

"Trump is probably the most conspiracy-minded president in U.S. history. At the very least, he is the most likely to buy into far-fetched conspiracy theories since Richard Nixon. He catapulted to stardom on the right by falsely claiming that Barack Obama is from Kenya — not Hawaii. He’s wrongly claimed that his predecessor didn’t attend Columbia University. He insisted that Obama personally bribed New York’s attorney general to investigate Trump University. He accused Obama of “bugging” Trump Tower after taking office.

He said there’s something “very fishy” about Vince Foster’s suicide. He suggested that Antonin Scalia may have been a victim of foul play after the Supreme Court justice died in his sleep. He said the IRS audits him because he’s a Christian. He’s peddled the dangerous falsehood that vaccines are connected to autism. He has never backed off his assertion that he watched TV footage of thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11 after the collapse of the World Trade Center.  

He suggested before the final primaries in 2016 that Ted Cruz’s Cuban-born father, Rafael, was somehow involved in the Kennedy assassination and knew Lee Harvey Oswald. After the Texas senator refused to endorse him at the Republican National Convention, he revived the silly claim again last summer.

Against that backdrop, no one can deny that the president’s impulse is to get all these files out."

And apparently not one single writer or editor at the Post noticed that every single one of the examples they mentioned involved Trump spreading false conspiracies, i.e. lies, while the current example involves letting the truth be told.  And every example involves spreading those lies to serve his own personal interests, while with JFK there is no interest except in letting the historical record be told, which is of no value to him at all.

After seeing examples like this every single day of the Trump Presidency, and in fact for decades now, can you believe that the mainstream press in this country cares any more about telling the truth than Trump and the Republicans do?  And so, on we march to dictatorship.  Doesn't look like anything can stop us now.

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