Monday, October 23, 2017

Grounds for Impeachment

I am not going to try to quote from this article in the Washington Post, which covers the wide range of abuses listed by various signers of the Constitution which formed grounds for impeachment, because virtually all of it makes spellbinding reading for any sentient American today; but I want to beg you to read the article to get a taste of how many truly impeachable offenses Donald Trump has committed. 

And yet every single one of his followers, from the most lowly would-be Nazi to the leaders of the Republican party, has perfected the art of carefully averting their eyes from all of this and screaming out to the world on an endless basis that none of it is happening. 

This bizarre combination of artificially induced dementia and plain old evil among a large part of our population is something that none of us, even the most cynical like myself, saw coming, and I believe at this point that none of us has a clue how to deal with it.  And we'd better figure it out soon, I guess.


Jerry Critter said...

He is making impeachable offenses commonplace...and the democrats and mainstream media are complacent with the situation. I wonder why they are not yelling from the rooftops and I am afraid of the answer.

Green Eagle said...

Me too. I can think of several possibilities,all bad.