Sunday, May 31, 2015

Denny, Denny, Denny

Oh, Denny, how could you?  And by the way, I wonder how many of us have committed evil acts that we would be willing to pay $3.5 million dollars to keep quiet?  Me, I think I'd keep the money; after all, the statute of limitations was up long ago.

Okay, I've had my laugh.  Now I want to talk about why Democrats can not afford to let this story go; particularly coming on the heels of the almost unbelievable tale about those Conservative icons of morality, the Duggar family.  These two incidents, and the endless similar ones that keep coming to light about Republican politicians, demonstrate a simple fact: the claims that they inevitably make to be the party of morality and decency are complete lies, just like everything else they ever say.  In fact, they do whatever they damned please, whenever they want to, and count on a compliant press, and fellow party members, who don't give a damn as long as they can win elections, to ignore the fact.  The Republican party has committed itself to a policy of completely self-serving behavior, without regard to what is right or wrong.  Nor is this surprising, because their entire existence is dependent on conning the American people into not noticing that the party actually exists to solely serve the interests of a few thousand families, many of them not even Americans.  The whole party blather about family values; abortion, homosexuality, and the rest of it; and the pretense that their "tax cutting" is of value to anyone but the very wealthy, and is motivated by a shred of concern for anyone else, is a gigantic facade of lies, existing for no purpose than to hide their real intent, which is to plunder our national wealth and give it to the rich. 

And once you build your whole existence on deception, it becomes a simple step to decide that none of the rules apply to you, including the most sacrosanct ones that you think no one would ignore, like those forbidding the molestation of children.  You are then no longer really human, in some real sense, but just an animal, slaking its immediate desires without a concern for anyone else.  Well, that is what it is to be a Republican today, and it is why we can expect a continuing succession of Denny Hasterts and Josh Duggars and Mark Foleys and David Vitters and Larry Craigs and Newt Gingrichs into the endless future.  And it is why we just cannot let things like this slide into the past without a trace.

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