Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How Ugly It Is Going to Get

You just watch how the right wing narrative about the police murder of Walter Scott in North Charleston is going to develop, if you want to see just how determined right wingers in this country are to license themselves to commit whatever atrocities they want to.

Here it is, only a couple of days later, and it has already started.  Here are a couple of excerpts from a site called "Charleston Thug Life" which seem to be along the lines of the famous saying, "who you going to trust, me or your lying eyes."

"Let’s deal with some new developments in the case of the horrendous officer involved shooting in North Charleston. Yes, we know reasoned analysis is racist, but what the hell, let’s do it anyway. 
First and foremost are the actions of James Johnson, Al Sharpton’s racist in training, who levied his usual unfounded allegations of racial profiling against police. He may tell you he doesn’t want riots, but he’s secretly longing for them so he can continue his time in the spotlight and he doesn’t mind slipping in those sly references in order to stir up the public to facilitate his dream. 
The death of Walter Scott is tragic and was caused by a chain of bad decisions made by all involved. Unfortunately, it also gives the hustlers exactly what they have been trying to get by lying about events in other cases – a dead black man with empty hands shot in the back by a police officer."

Because as we all know, 3 day old Mercedes so often have broken tail lights, and white people in 3 day old Mercedes get hauled out of their cars and tasered all the time for broken tail lights.  Scott was perfectly justified in fearing that he was about to be subject to unprovoked violence at the hands of a Southern cracker policeman.  And he was right.

"Next up is the contention the officer planted evidence, to wit, the Taser. Immediately after handcuffing Scott the officer trots back and picks up the Taser from the spot where it fell, or was dropped, as Scott turned to flee... 

What the media fails to show you are the images of the officer picking up and holstering the Taser at about the 2:00 minute mark...The video...shows there was no planted evidence."

Well, whoopee.  The minute the cop picked up the taser from where it fell, and put it by the victim, which can be clearly seen in the video, he had materially damaged the crime scene, which he knew perfectly well.  Maybe he had second thoughts about whether he could get away with that, but in any event, he had already committed a serious felony when he rearranged the evidence at a murder scene.

"Any claims that the officer lied in his statement are just that – claims with no basis in the evidence currently available to the press or the public. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t."

Maybe the video is a quick CGI job by Hollywood liberals.

"As much as certain people try to avoid reality, Scott’s poor decision making also contributed to his death. His bad decision to run from and struggle with a police officer was compounded by the officer’s poor decision to shoot him in the back as he fled. If you are going to assign blame honestly you cannot deny both are responsible for Scott’s death."

Because, you see, running from a policeman who, as you correctly feared, is on the point of murdering you for nothing is exactly as bad as gunning an innocent person down in the back, so Walter Scott is equally at fault for his own murder.  I am sure that some right wing racists will soon be pointing out that Scott actually was not innocent- he may, for all we know, been guilty for driving with a broken tail light on his new car, which is, as we know, just as much a capital crime as jaywalking or selling someone a cigarette- if you are black.

I promise you, just as with the other cases that have been in the news recently, this will be the sort of twisting of the obvious truth that we are about to be buried in.  All of it will then be cited when the local prosecutor sees to it that the cop gets a dead minimum punishment, or is very likely let off altogether.  That's justice American style.


Anonymous said...

FYI-those on the right are just as outraged about this. It was very disturbing . And that cop should get punished to the full extent of the law. Most disturbing was how he handcuffed after he was shot.
It is a very haunting scene.
2 things to consider-When the cop ran the plates A-he saw it was either incorrectly registered ,or he saw that Walter Scott was wanted for outstanding child support payments,which is why he ran n the first place knowing he was wanted.
I am not justifying the shooting I am merely saying he did not just stop him for driving while black.
In the Michael Brown case,witnesses testimony corroborated Darren Wilson's account of events. No comparison

Jerry Critter said...

In this case, the thug is the policeman.

And running away from a cop is not a capital offense.

Ray said...

I love brave conservatives that post under the handle of ANONYMOUS and make unsubstantiated claims like."FYI-those on the right are just as outraged about this."
Would you care to explain why there are numerous TPGOP sites posting like the one brought out here in support of the officer?
This does not look like someone "OUTRAGED" over the death but of the officer getting caught!
Note that I will post under my name.

Green Eagle said...

I won't bother with the rest of anonymous' usual pack of nonsense, but let us remember that the "witness testimony" presented to the Ferguson grand jury corroborating Darren Wilson's account, turned out to be from a known liar, who was never at the scene and who fabricated her entire story. This fact was known perfectly well to the prosecutor, who presented the evidence at a grand jury hearing specifically so there could be no cross examination of this witness, nor questions about the truth of her testimony. Yet it is just totally beyond the pale to suggest that the prosecutor should be held responsible for his perversion of justice.

And let's be clear- the same sort of barrage of lies from the authorities was already under way in this case, before the video was revealed. One hundred Americans were killed by police in March alone. How many of those murders were covered up the same way?