Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Next Step

Well, here it comes...from the Washington Post today:

"Trump officials tour unused FAA facility in California in search for place to relocate homeless people...

President Trump is pressing aides to intervene in California's worsening homelessness crisis, but officials haven't made firm decisions as they grapple with legal barriers and logistical problems."


I pointed out some time ago that his sending helpless refugee children to concentration camps was just the first step of the Republican plan to desensitize Americans to the notion of throwing people in prisons without charges, and that it would be followed by a continuing series of similar actions in which he would step by step legitimize his right to engage in the most fascist behavior of all.  Well, here is step two: placing Americans who are at the bottom of the economic ladder in concentration camps despite their having committed no crime.  If you know any history of the Nazis at all, you know this is how their concentration camps started- as places to imprison social misfits and mentally troubled people, regardless of whether they had committed a crime.

This is step two, and it will be rapidly followed by more and more, until the Republican "President" has seized the right to imprison anyone he wants, exactly as Hitler did.  And just as with Hitler, Trump has packed the courts with corrupt right wing judges who are highly likely to approve of this, regardless of the law.

And his mindless, evil followers will cheer him on.

When is it time to impeach, Nancy?  When is it time to stand apart from the Republicans' position that any behavior is fine as long as your party wins the next election?  When is it time for us to live in a decent country again?


Poll P. said...

Those were my exact first thoughts.

Infidel753 said...

The problem with impeachment is that it couldn't remove Trump, since we'll never get 20 Senate Republicans to vote for removal. And it would likely improve his chances of getting re-elected and endanger the House majority, since a lot of Democrats are in very purple districts and impeachment is unpopular with the voters. I'm glad they're moving toward an impeachment inquiry which would help with investigating Trump's various shenanigans, but an actual impeachment would be a real mistake. The important thing is to get Trump out of office, and that means focusing on the election.

There are probably things that can be done to resist this "relocation" policy, mainly by the state of California, but we need to respond in ways that will actually accomplish something.

Green Eagle said...

I hear exactly what you are saying, Infidel, as I know you have heard my argument from others too. Still, I believe that this is a situation that is so serious that the Democrats must carry out their Constitutional duty, regardless of the consequences. And I have seen so much in my life of Democrats running away from the right thing to do because of fear of electoral consequences, and I don't think I can remember it ever working out for them.

Ed said...

Lol. I'll take a tent on a street riddled with human waste and rats over a building with a bed, roof and bathroom every time.

Steve said...

I'm as liberal as you can get and I hate trump as much as anybody. But I'm with Jennifer Rubin, and probably Pelosi, the REPUBLICAN PARTY needs to be destroyed... Impeaching trump will only rally his idiots followers. This country can no longer afford to have the Republicans in power. They need to be pushed back to a fringe party that they are.

Osirisopto said...

I agree that this is another dangerous step towards the Final Solution™, but I won't fight battles I can't win.

Green Eagle said...

Steve, of course I agree with you totally, and have been arguing for a couple of decades that the complete destruction of the Republican party is an essential step toward restoring some degree of fairness to this country. And Osirisopto, I don't see this as a battle. It is a requirement of the Constitution, and if the Democrats do not do their duty, there is little to recommend them over Republicans.

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