Friday, June 14, 2019

A Thank You to the Washington Post

For the following headline today:

"U.S. releases video purporting to show Iranians removing mine after tanker explosion"

Purporting to show...

I remember the runup to the Iraq invasion, and the way clearly preposterous "evidence" was bought en masse by the mainstream press.  The press in this country is still pretty terrible, but thank heaven that at least one major national news source isn't ready to take the current Republican administration's claims at face value.


Jerry Critter said...

With a president and an administration that lies multiple times every day, why should we believe them now?

Magpie said...

Even if it turns out to have involved some Iranian operatives... it doesn't necessarily mean it was "the Iranians", any more than 9-11 was "the Saudis". In any case it is a measure of how many times we, the world, have been lied to as a pretext for war that there is so much scepticism.