Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I really try not to waste people's time by saying things that everybody else is saying too, but I guess I agree with most of the opinions about last night's debate.  The reality-based opinions, anyway- the others I will leave for the next Wingnut Wrapup.  Hillary did exactly what she had to do- present herself as a reasonable, pleasant person well-versed on the issues and with a massive amount of relevant experience; that is to say, exactly what she is, despite twenty years of Republican smears to the contrary.  Bernie was exactly the person I have heard every week on the Thom Hartmann show- a serious, if a little humorless, politician, who tells the truth and who advocates policies which would help the vast majority of Americans.  The other three were window dressing, although Martin O'Malley did come off like a good Vice President.

And of course, this is the moment that everyone will remember from the debate; an act of decency showing that candidates do not have to treat each other as if they were petty criminals:


Anonymous said...

Was he debating her or endorsing her?

Green Eagle said...

He was being an honest, decent human being- something you right wingers don't have a clue about.

Poll P. said...

Common decency!!! Maybe there's hope for us yet.

Magpie said...

"Was he debating her or endorsing her?"

He was stating a truth, Anon.

If the truth is equally good for your opposition, it still doesn't suddenly become a liability. Unless you are a Right winger.

Anonymous said...

Come on that was-planned .I wonder what the Clintons promised him to say that.
Valerie Plame,Valerie Plame,Valerie Plame
Oh how I miss days of black conservative supreme court justice hearings

Anonymous said...

Trump "During the debate the democrats couldn't give things away fast enough"