Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh, That Will Help With the Confederate Flag

So, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina says that they need to wait to consider removing the Confederate flag from the grounds of the State Capitol, because people need time to heal.

You know what, Governor Haley?  We've been giving you Southern traitors 150 years of "time to heal" from the Civil War, and you know what we've gotten?  If you are not sure, ask the people at that black church in Charleston.

How much "time to heal" are we expected to wait before we can remove the American Swastika from your State Capitol?  Another 150 years?  1,000 years?  Or just until the rest of us give up and let you have your slaves back?

Well, screw you.  As far as I am concerned, the "time to heal" you get is enough time to cut that damned thing down and be done with it.  More than that, and we will know that you are a traitor too.

Update:  So, she caved, along with a lot of other Republican demagogues.  Is there a person in the country that thinks they did this out of any kind of sudden moral awakening?   They are running scared, and if
Democrats aren't terminally stupid, they will keep them running until Republicans have all run out of the country.


Poll P. said...

Right on! Did you see Krugman today?

Green Eagle said...

Well, I didn't see him, but I did read his column which was, as usual, absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

How about that,the Indian-American woman Governor says to remove the flag,flanked by the most popular senator in the state,the African-American Tim Scott.
What a party of racist old white men

Anonymous said...

Lefties are pathetic trying to define the republican party over a flag. Make sure you all don't color outside the lines

isaac said...

"Anonymous said...

Lefties are pathetic trying to define the republican party over a flag."

No, it's righties pathetically identifying themselves by a flag.
Please do try to keep up.

Professor Chaos said...

Whenever there is a horrific incidence of gun violence it is "not the right time" to talk about guns. Now it's not the right time to talk about racist flags either?

isaac said...

Hey, Anonymous!

Lindsey Graham said the Confederate flag "is who we are."

So is Lindsey now a "leftie"?

But why let the facts interfere with trolling and making stupid ad hominem attacks, eh?

(sorry if this comment appears twice)

Frank said...

1/4 of the state flag of Mississippi is an image of the confederate flag. To his credit the Speaker of the House of that state said today that it must be removed. Progress.

Green Eagle said...

Isaac, if your comment had appeared ten times, it wouldn't change the fact that it is true.