Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Insanity...

The dishonesty.  Apparently, Jon Stewart has actually been at the White House TWO TIMES!!!!!! during the Obama administration. Cue the insane right wing freakout over this disgraceful revelation:

“Secret visits, unprecedented access...It’s Official: Jon Stewart is an Obama Shill.” we know that there was a coordinated effort to control which Administration foibles got ha-has, and which were exposed for actual critique. It’s not a particularly shocking revelation, but it does serve as one more layer of slime covering the travesty that is the relationship between liberals and the media.”

Just a small sample of the synthetic outrage today over this utterly meaningless fact.  Click the link to the article at Alicublog for much more, if you are interested.

Two obvious things to point out about this latest Republican outrage.  First of all, they have succeeded in their Pavlovian task of training their minions to react with hatred and anger to anything about the left, no matter how meaningless; and more importantly, the endless recurrence of this sort of idiotic non-scandal shows perfectly well what an honest, well intentioned bunch Democrats are, by and large, that after six years, after spending millions of dollars in "opposition research,"  this is the level of "scandal" they have been able to find in the Obama administration.

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Poll P. said...

Stewart came in through the "tourist entrance" front door, was recognized snd greeted by fans. Nothing secret about it.