Monday, January 26, 2009

Bye Bye Billy

I am sure I am joined by many in feeling a surge of pleasure to see that the contemptible Bill Kristol has written his last column for the New York Times.

What made me particularly angry about Kristol was not that he was a conservative. It was that, to anyone with half a brain, it was obvious that the man was not expressing his own opinion. He was simply regurgitating Republican propaganda which he knew full well was nothing but a pack of lies. He went out on exactly this high note, with a column trumpeting the notion that conservatives have been correct about everything.

Times, you can put conservatives on your op-ed page if you want; but is it too much to ask that you only print real opinions by people who really believe what they are saying? After what conservative lying has brought to this country in the last eight years, it is irresponsible to say the least to print this dishonest garbage.

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