Monday, May 3, 2021

Hillary's Execution- The Absolute Truth

As promised, here is an account of the execution of Hillary Clinton at Guantanamo Bay last week, completing my three part series on her trial, which contains the absolute truth about the event, you can be assured.  If you want to read my two posts covering the liveblogging of her trial, which are every bit as grounded in reality as what I am reporting today, you can find them here and here.

Anyway, here is the story:

“The world is about to sleep quieter tonight,” Vice Adm. John G. Hannink said to a small assembly that included 3 Joint Chiefs of Staff and, notably, Donald J. Trump, who, garbed in his typical dark suit and crimson tie, had arrived at GITMO earlier in the day.

Because nothing going on today is causing the people of the world to have more anxiety than whether Hillary Clinton is still alive.


Michael Pompeo and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani flanked him, both men having played an integral role in amassing evidence against Clinton.

Because Trump and Rudy would be invited to the execution, the military still being loyal to them, and of course they would accept, having no more delightful way to spend an afternoon. 

Under military guard, a shackled Hillary Clinton was escorted from Camp Delta detention block to gallows made of steel latticework, with a downward swinging door beneath her feet, that the Army Corps of Engineers had erected in a clearing near Windward Point Lighthouse, on GITMO’s southern edge. Affixed to a steel beam was a rectangular box with five circular, red buttons protruding from the case. In front of each button stood a uniformed soldier. Atop the platform, another soldier slipped a braided noose around Clinton’s neck.

Glad to see the apparatus described in such loving detail, making it crystal clear that everything contained here is true. 

Vice Adm. Hannink addressed the execution detail: “When I say ready, and not one moment before, you will poise your left index finger in front of the button. You will keep it hovered there until I say execute, and then you five must simultaneously press your button. Only one of the five buttons will trigger the door, and none of you will ever know which button that was. Do you understand these instructions?”

“Yes, sir,” the five bellowed in unison.

Not one moment before! They bellowed in unison!  How military!  How majestic! 

A chaplain and a physician climbed the 13 steps leading to the top of the platform and stood beside a soldier who was checking to ensure the noose was secure around Clinton’s neck. Below them, Vice Adm. Hannink asked if Clinton wanted last rites or had any final words.

Clinton broke silence. “I’m Hillary Clinton, you can’t do this to me,” she said, her voice a witch’s cackle.

Because of course she would speak in a witch's cackle just before her execution, being as how she is a minion of Satan. 

“It’s already done,” Donald J. Trump shouted up at her.

The natural response of any decent person attending an impending execution is to taunt the prisoner, right?  How Presidential, or ex-Presidential of Trump. I'm just surprised that he didn't shout out that he could still give her a pardon, for the right price.  And then keep the money but welch on his end of the bargain, like he always does to suckers that deal with him.

“Ready.” Vice Adm. Hannink nodded at the execution detail.

After a moment’s pause, he gave the “execute” order, the soldiers pressed their buttons, and the grate beneath Clinton’s feet swung open. Her legs and feet, still shackled at the ankles, twitched a moment or two, then stopped.

Another detail absolutely proving that the writer of this piece knows exactly what happened, or else has seen a few cowboy movies. 

The rope was cut, and Clinton’s lifeless body lie sprawled in a damp patch of grass. The physician present checked her vitals and declared her dead.

Because for right wingers, it is not enough to kill their opponents, they also have to humiliate them in order to get any real satisfaction from the event. 

A confidential source involved in Trump’s mission to obliterate the Deep State said the overall mood was somber and melancholy...

Somber and melancholy as Trump got his violent revenge on someone who dared to run against him.


...there was no celebration, no jubilation, just an atmosphere of contentedness, an acknowledgement that what had to be done, was done. The nature of her crimes overshadowed celebratory thought. But a four-decade reign of terror had come to an end.

A four-decade reign of terror.  Characterized by what, exactly?  Apparently just by being a Democrat, which is enough to terrorize Trump and Giuliani with the remote prospect that they will be held responsible for their endless crime spree. 

“As much as Trump hated her, this was purely business.

Meaning he went bankrupt two or three times during the execution?


He cares about the children who suffered at her hands more than he cares about what she did to him. Yes, her demise sends a signal to the Deep State. But Trump knows there are many more to go, and he won’t celebrate till the job is done,” our source said."

Purely Business, right.  That's why he shouted out taunts before they killed her.

This sadistic Walter Mitty fantasy is not some kind of humor; it is a deep view into the sickness that lies at the heart of Conservatism- the sickness that produced Hitler, and the sickness that, thank heaven, was stopped just short of creating another Hitler here in the United States.  Conservatives live for bullying and sadism, and will sacrifice anything to have their lust for violence sated.  That is what is really going on in our country, and we cannot afford to forget it. 

Note: This post was edited to add extra sarcasm, as I thought appropriate.


Anonymous said...

Sooo ... Description and focus on imagery and detail intended to excite and fulfill a desire to experience a particular outcome involving a particular person. It's pornography. Murder, revenge, fantasy porn.

Green Eagle said...

Yes, very sadistic pornography, going well beyond the glorification of rape or torture. That is the drug of choice for Republicans today.

dervy scram said...

you are sick and sad

Mostly.A.Cynic said...

Ya mean Fox,Newsmax, Oan and Pornhub were not allowed in as witnesses? What the hell is this country becoming?

Green Eagle said...


I am sick and sad? I must say, I don't quite get what you mean, but I would like to hear more.