Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Pammy is on a roll today:

"Obama's court Jew (that would be Rahm Emmanuel) does his kapo best to paint Israel into a fatal corner. He gives Israel a "choice" - the mortal threat of a terror state whose only reason for living is to ensure that the Jewish state dies, or the mortal threat of a nuclear Iran....

Where are all those asshat Jews who insisted that Obama could be trusted despite all of his Jew hating buds (Wright, Farrakhan, Al Mansour, and the rest of his nazis) because he chose Rahm Emanuel?

The Jews were given plenty of evidence before the election. This blog had it all for 18 months."

Listen, Pammy, you malicious, ignorant hatemonger: You don't show any sign of understanding one damned thing about Israel and its problems. Your constant agitation for violence is about as much use to Israeli Jews as five pounds of bacon and a boiled lobster. It's time that you shut the fuck up, and leave problems like this to the grownups- perhaps people like Rahm Emmanuel who have a direct connection to Israel, and are therefore less likely than you to sacrifice it to your sick power fantasies.

And as for your blog having it all for the last 18 months, you're right there. It had all they lying bullshit anyone could ever imagine.

I'm obviously not my usual humorous self over this, but who can find anything amusing in the prospect of someone who is willing to see people die to increase her blog traffic?

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