Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ego, on Stick Legs

Here is something I don't understand- why is the belligerence toward Obama so much greater among the so called PUMAs than it is, even among the wingnuts? Who are these people, and what is their problem. Here's a sample of their behavior, with comments:

"Obama Pods - the time for an apology is now. Apologize.....This is not sour grapes. This is reality. We who opposed Obama and chose the rational candidate instead..."

Now, this is how dumb we Obama Pods are- we thought the rational candidate would be the one who could win.

".....demand and deserve an apology from the Dailykos, Ariana Huffington, Keith Olbermann, John Avarosis, and the rest."

They deserve an apology from those of us who picked the winner. Well, sorry for that, kids.

"The vicious trashing of over half of the former Democratic party by Obama stooges and nasty, vile idiots on the elite faux left...."

Over half the Democratic party? Would that be the few dozen PUMAs who showed up at the Democratic convention? Who were all those other two thousand other people who voted for Obama to be the nominee, Glenn Beck's illegitimate grandchildren?
An by the way, "nasty vile idiots?" That's who backed Obama? I mean, I'll buy that as a description of me, but most of the other people that I know who supported Obama seemed pretty nice.

"....was beyond the pale. And for what? An overblown anti-American ego, on stick legs who makes an ass of himself and us before foreign leaders...."

Anti- American. Hmm. I love reasoned discussion. And of course, we just had a good opportunity to observe him "making an ass of himself" before foreign leaders. What a sight.
By the way, I suppose it was not "beyond the pale" for Hillary to send her surrogates out to tell us that Obama couldn't win because he was a negro. And so accurate too.

"....when he's not bailing out the crooks who brought down the economy. Face it Pods, we knew it all along. You saw one thing: His skin color -and went into masturbatory dithers over how "cool" you were for supporting a self evident fraud."

Masturbatory. Now, we have really entered the territory of serious political analysis.
And of course there is nothing that makes us feel cool like supporting a self evident fraud....Hmm. Maybe we should consider running Bernie Madoff in 2012.

" It's not "intelligence" Pods, it's inexperience, hesitation,
and manipulation. Believe it or not - there is a difference."

There's a difference between intelligence and manipulation? Who knew?

Who are these people, and what is their problem? I really can't figure it out. I know that, during the campaign, a lot of so-called PUMAs were Republican trolls, but you'd think they would have gone back to their roots by now. And even the wingnuts don't seem filled with the kind of vitriol that these people display. If you start looking (don't bother) you will find so many websites like this, filled with hatred and anger, spouting a delusional image of Obama that is virtually a complete reverse image of him.
Can someone be this much of a sore loser? I just don't get it.

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